1. i cant find this option on my facebook under the explore…i am a grandmother and mom and away from my family in a different city for work….i really want this ‘memories on this day option’ it seems all my family but me has it … please help!

    1. Ok grandmother mother follow this step”
      1. open your Facebook account
      2. when it open, under your “News Feed” check down to click the ” See more” under EXPLORE FB On this Day Guide
      3. Now click on “On This Day” to see your memories. Facebook On this Day Step by step Guide

  2. It was working fine till last week. But it has been 3 days now and i get the notification that “there was an error while fetching data”. Please help me how to fix this?

  3. My friendversary and other videos like that only allow me to share on messenger. How do i change it to share on fb?

    1. That is the steps you will have to follow here in this post

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