1. i did it and it works but after i select the bank and send it will load and later say “an error occur please try again later”

    1. It might Probable be network. so you have to keep trying it. Thanks

    2. Any time you see “an error occurred please try again later” Please always remember that is just network provider, but some things it might also be very much successful.

      So in other not to do that transfer x2 it advisable for you to check your account balance first. If in case your really don’t know how to do that, then worry not and check this guide below:

      GTB Account Balance Code To Check Acc Balance & How To Check

      So To Check Balance


      Once you dial this code you will see your account balance. BUT NOTE: Only the number that you use in registering your account or use in receiving your Bank transaction details is the only number you can dial this number to check your GTB Account Balance. For More Account Check you can As well Visit here GTB Online Transfer Help

      So when you check your balance and you find out that your Money is still there, then you can retry again. So that is it.

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