How To Turn-Off Facebook Birthday Notifications [PC & Mobile Guide]

Do you Want to Stop receiving notifications about friends Birth Dates on Facebook? Then Here is an Easy Guide on how to Turn-off Facebook Birthday Notifications on PC or Mobile Phone. Getting notified about a friend’s Birthday on Facebook is Wonderful as it reminds you that the particular friend‘s day is that day. But when you get bored about the notifications, You can simply turn it off.

When You turn off the Notification, you won’t be able to receive Push Notifications, Email or SMS Notification when any of your friend’s birth date is due.

You can turn off the notification from your Facebook Settings Page and that is what we will show you here.

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How To Turn-Off Facebook Birthday Notifications On PC

Follow the steps below to Turn-off Birthday notifications on Facebook using your Personal Computer:

  • From your PC Browser, Go to
  • Enter your Facebook Email Address Or Phone Number
  • Enter your Password
  • Click on LOGIN
  • On the Dashboard, Click on the arrow as Seen in the picture below
  • Then Click SettingsHow To Turn-Off Facebook Birthday Notifications [PC & Mobile Guide]
  • Then Locate and Click on Notifications at the left side of the Screen
  • Under Notifications Settings, Click on “On Facebook”
  • Where your See birthdays, Click on the “ON” toggle and Select “Off”

You will no longer receive Notifications anytime a friend is celebrating his/her birthday. You can also use the Same Process given above to Turn On Birthday Notifications too.

Turn-off Birthday Notifications On Facebook [Mobile guide]

  1. Open your Facebook App from your Home Screen
  2. If you are not logged in, Enter your Login Details
  3. On the Facebook News feed Page, Click on the Hamburger Line (Three Lines at the top right)
  4. Locate and Click on Settings
  5. Under Notifications, Click on Notifications Settings and tap on “Birthdays”
  6. Then un-check √ the box of Get Notifications

That’s All.

You can see that the steps to Turn-off Facebook Birthday Notifications are easy as A, B, C, D. Simply follow the guide carefully for a successful operation.

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