Is my ID Card Ready? Steps to Check National ID Card Status Online

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Is my National ID card Ready? Well, you won’t know until you check. After few years you applied for the National Identity Card, you keep wondering why you’ve not be called or notified for it. Some even feel they won’t be needing it anyway! But the truth is, you will need it even in areas you don’t even know and that is why you have to take the steps we will be sharing with you to Check national ID card status online and know if your own is ready or if you have to a little while.

Though most of us won’t know the importance of this ID card until we get to when it is needed, below are some cases we need the ID Card.

  • It gives you the right to vote
  • Saves you from being a victim of identity theft
  • With it, you get paid in dollars when you open a Domiciliary Account
  • Ofcourse, a means of identification

And lots more.

Now let’s see the steps to take so that we will if it’s ready or not.

Steps to Check National ID Card Status Online

1. Go to NIMC card status checker site at

2. On the page, click on the ‘proceed button

3. Enter your First name, last name and your National Identification Number and hit the ‘check now button’

After few seconds of loading, the status of your NIMC card will be displayed.

Kindly Share Your experience below.

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