Introducing! New Aluplug USB Charger For Apple Devices

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The New Aluplug USB Charger is suitable for you Apple Devices ( iPhone/iPad) as far as they are USB powered devices. Aluplug has a provision for two devices, meaning it’s a two in one type of USB charger (Can Charge two device at a time), you can get a suitable and fast charging experience with the New Just Mobile’s Aluplug charger.

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Features of the New Aluplug USB ChargerIntroducing! New Aluplug USB Charger For Apple Devices

The following are it’s features;

  1. It has two USB ports with high current of 2.4
  2. It can fit into any 100-240V wall socket.
  3. For easy storage, its Pins are fold-able.
  4. It is Compatible for all USB-powered devices.
  5. It Has a Premium aluminum knurled finishing.

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Unlike other Charger which are normal Made up of plastics, the Aluplug; gotten from the aluminum is made up of A premium Aluminum Knurled. That is one of the Major difference between Aluplug charger and those ones you see out there.

This Charger is is portable and looks real cool, you can take it wherever you go.

It has Smart auto-detect feature which can help stabilize current, and also it intelligently allocates required maximum current to charge each device.

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Get Aluplug ChargerIntroducing! New Aluplug USB Charger For Apple Devices

To get the Just Mobile’s Aluplug Charger, Kindly Visit, where it’s currently on sell for $29.93.

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