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There is a great benefit for you as a computer literate to know your Computer Secret keys for easy access of various functions on the keyboard. There are times you will want to perform various functions, but due to the fact that you do not know how to go about it, makes you give up on it. Well, you will learn some important keys today and be good with your PC.

If you are good with your computer browser, it will also benefit you when you learn some vital things that can be done on the Browser like; To view the source code of every website, To use reversed version of Google and lots more!

∗ To view the source code of every website simply Press CTRL + I

∗ To use reversed version of Google, visit

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Know your Computer Secret Keys | Computer shortcut keys | Hidden Keys

Below are some hidden keys you should know

  • Reopen Closed Tabs – CTRL+SHIFT+T

When working in a current tab and you mistakenly close that tab you are working on, pressing the  Ctrl+shift+T will bring back your closed work or Tab on the computer.

  • Open Link In A New Tab – CTRL+the LINK

when you are a on a particular site and you wish to check a linked article, instead of clicking on that link which will result to the current page being closed, simply hold your ‘CTRL’ button on the keyboard and then click on the link.

  • Open Incognito Browser – CTRL+SHIFT+N

The word INCOGNITO means to hide or to make something (location) a secret. So using the Ctrl+shift+N will open a secret window for you to browse, just like the CTRL+N opens new window ordinarily. While it is secret is because, it won’t give any one a trace of your Browsing or the history. Please note that Incognito doesn’t guarantee 100% anonymity while using the web.

  • To Automatically Add .com and www to a website – CTRL+ENTER

When you know the domain name of any website you want to visit, just type the name in the URL session of your computer browser then press CTRL+ENTER, the www and .com at the end will be added automatically. SEE EXAMPLE: when you type Dailiesroom And you press the CTRL+ENTER you will get the full site

  • Clear Cache – CTRL+SHIFT+R

When you visit any website for the first time, your browser automatically downloads and keeps some files from the internet site without your knowledge.

The advantage of this feature is to make the website to load faster during other visits. But some browsers might become slow and not responding well because the files can become many due to the many sites you visit. So to make your browser to be fast again, you have to clear cache, Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

  • To Use your browser as a Notepad

To use your browser as a notepad, simply open the address bar, then copy and paste this code below and hit enter


See this:  How to Enable or Disable Chrome Browser Cookies on Android Device

So it is with the computer secret keys you need to know. Share yours with us by using the COMMENT BOX below. Also feel free to let others know about these keys by sharing on your Social media paged. THANKS

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