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The list of EPL winners has really been trending for English Football lover (English Premier League Fans), Following the fact that the 2018-2019 EPL winner is also the 2018/2019 English Premier League title Winner. Let’s take a look at all English Premier League Winners from 1992 till Date.

Some club(s) has grown rapidly in achieving the title since the inception of the English Premier League in 1992.

Thumbs up for Manchester United that has since the inception of the Premier League has shown they are capable by winning 13 out of the 25 titles handed out since the re-branding of the old First Division.

In 1992/1993 and also 1993/1994 Manchester United won the titles before they were intercepted by Blackburn Rovers in 1994/1995.

But that did not stop the Red Devils, as they surfaced again to claim the title in 1995/1996, 1996/1997 and they were stopped in 1997/1998 by Arsenal

Check out the Following:

Let’s see the List Below to get the view of the winners better.

List of all English Premier League Winners since 1992 till Date

1992/1993 – Manchester United
1993/1994 – Manchester United
1994/1995 – Blackburn Rovers
1995/1996 – Manchester United
1996/1997 – Manchester United
1997/1998 – Arsenal
1998/1999 – Manchester United
1999/2000 – Manchester United
2000/2001 – Manchester United
2001/2002 – Arsenal
2002/2003 – Manchester United
2003/2004 – Arsenal
2004/2005 – Chelsea
2005/2006 – Chelsea
2006/2007 – Manchester United
2007/2008 – Manchester United
2008/2009 – Manchester United
2009/2010 – Chelsea
2010/2011 – Manchester United
2011/2012 – Manchester City
2012/2013 – Manchester United
2013/2014 – Manchester City
2014/2015 – Chelsea
2015/2016 – Leicester City
2016/2017 – Chelsea
2017/2018 – Manchester City
2018-2019 – Man City

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So everyone now knows that The English Football Champion for 2018/19 EPL Season MANCHESTER CITY FC. However, you can check below to see the Overview for the list of EPL winners champion

Overview For The List Of EPL Winners

The first five champions in the Premier League era – Manchester United, Arsenal, and Blackburn Rovers. But below are the total of all the Previous winners Premier League (English Premier League Past Winners List Till Date)

Manchester United – 13 titles won
Chelsea – 5 titles won
Arsenal – 3 titles won
Manchester City – 4 titles won
Blackburn Rovers – 1 title won
Leicester City – 1 title won

So here you go. Now you can easily tell your friends or your mate the numbers with this above updates. Please, not you can also tell us who you think the winner for this season.

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