List of Nigeria Postal Codes for Different States | Zipcode/postal codes

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Postal Codes are sometimes required when filling out application form especially online. The codes also serve the same function for anything you apply online, In US or non-US States. It’s a six digits Number that represents the various states in Nigeria, So what ever state you are, you got you own state code, We will be listing the various Nigeria Postal Codes for the Different states you might find yourself.

Most at times, It might be Zip code. The Zip code is also the Postal Code, Which ever one asked from you the code we will be giving you is what is required of you.

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Nigeria Postal Codes for Different States

Below are the List of Zip Codes/Postal Codes for the Different states in Nigeria;

Abuja             900001

Abia State        440001

Adamawa State     640001

Akwa-Ibom State   520001

Anambra State     420001

Bauchi State      740001

Borno State       600001

Cross River (Calabar)  540211

Delta State       320001

Ebonyi State      840001

Edo State         300001

Enugu State       400001

Imo State         460001

jigawa State      720001                  This Might Interest You: Facebook Texts Short codes for Countries

Kano State        700001

Kaduna State      800001

Katsina State     820001

Kebbi State       860001

Kogi State        260001

Kwara State       240001

Lagos (Island)       101001

Lagos State (Mainland)   100001

Niger State      920001

Ogun State       110001

Ondo State        340001

Osun State        230001

Oyo State         200001

Plateau State     930001

Rivers State      500001

Sokoto State      840001

Taraba State      660001

Yobe State        320001

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