I love to have Paul Pogba’s shirt at Barcelona – Neymar

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Paul Pogba's shirt

The Brazil star Neymar concurred  that he would love to play with Pogba at Barcelona and what’s more important to him is to have Paul Pogba’s shirt

I love to have Paul Pogba’s shirt  – Neymar

Neymar made his statement to La Liga’s official website, “Paul Pogba – saying that he is a player who would fit in well here at Barcelona.

“What I like about Barcelona is that the players we have are fantastic. The best is Lionel Messi, and my best friend in football is Dani Alves.

I would like to have Pogba’s shirt. He’s young, I like how he plays, how he behaves. I’d love to swap shirts with him.

“I have many shirts that mean a lot to me. My first as a professional, the first with Barcelona, I have many from our team and shirts belonging to idols of mine like Robinho, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho…”

Do you really think Neymar will fit Paul Pogba’s shirt???? Use the comment box below and make your point of view

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