How to Make Money Through Blogging

Do to the nature of life this days we know that some one can easily ask what is blog? and now can someone Make Money Through Blogging ?, that is why we will take our time to teach you all you need to know about Blog, Blogging, Blogger and more. so let’s get started.

A Blog is a Domain and can also be called an online website, in which posts are arranged in reverse chronological order. The process of posting contents on a blog is called Blogging, while the person who writes content is called a Blogger. The entire universe of blogs and bloggers is called the Blogosphere.

According to Technorati, a service that tracks the Blogosphere, there are 33.5 million blogs and a new blog is added every second. That’s double the rate at which the Indian population is growing.
Even when there are millions of blogs already in existence, there’s no such thing as missing the boat.

Always invest good time in choosing a blog Domain name or you can still buying your personal web domain name and install the WordPress blog platform. WordPress is free to download, community support is excellent and millions of users are already using it.

Once you have a good blog domain or a website, the next question in your mind is –

  • what should I blog about?
  • Since I want to make “real” money, should I blog about Asbestos related lung cancer or NYC lawyers,
  • since these topics attract the top-paying advertisements?
  • Or should I write about my cat,
  • Activities of my school-going daughter or what my wife cooked the last night?

Note that you most start writing on topics that you are passionate about, Topics that can give you quality impression. Think of topics that really interest you, topics on which you can continue to write for months to come with out having any challenge.

Your blog can be just about anything ranging from shoes, cooking, technology, School, Entertainment, sport or even about the latest happenings in your arena or city. With this, you can always find readers who are interested in your articles, provided you keep supplying them with good content needed. But if million other bloggers are already covering your favorite topics, study their blogs and research areas that they are neglecting. And with this you can do something batter.

To be really successful as a blogger, you always have to keep your momentum going, that is ready to face anything no matter the cost. New bloggers tend to write too many posts in a short span of time, or write infrequently over a long period but the real target should be to write regularly like, Publish at least one good post per day. Visitors will revisit your website in the hopes of seeing new updated content like there will always wants you to, this is becomes, it is your duty not to disappoint them as any time.

There are a couple of rules that bloggers must strictly follow. Most important,

  • If you quote from another website, always give credit and a hyperlink back to the original story.
  • For images, the issue gets a little more complex.
  • Always check the image license before using it on your blog.
  • Do not hotlink images, since it is equivalent to stealing someone else’s bandwidth.
  • If you plan to use someone else’s image with permission, store a copy on your own server.

How to Make Money Through Blogging

  1. With all this lectures give above, once you are able to do all that, then congratulation because with you domain you can apply for Google AdSense or an other paying AdSense and once it approve you can now  Make Money out of Blogging.
  2. Another way to Make Money Through Blogging is by advertising

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