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Audition Registration for MTN Project Fame 2016

You want to become the next MTN Project Fame celebrity? It’s possible, you can get what ever you desire for – you online need to work hard for it. And your passport to the contest is by applying through MTN Project Fame 2016 Registration Form.

We have received so many text and calls asking same question; When will the MTN Project Fame 2016 Registration Form and Audition be out??

Let me start by telling you all most especially if you are interested in the MTN Project Fame West African that the company does NOT engage in secret announcement, this means that whether the old, young, poor, rich has equal right as long as the show is concerned.

MTN Project Fame 2016 Registration Form

As of this date we made this article, the MTN Project Fame 2016 audition form is not yet out. And for the additional information we got, the form will be released few months from today. That is why we advice you to use the comment box below and drop your email address, so that you can get a free notification from us.

Also you can always visit the MTN Project Fame official website  for latest update on when the form will be out.

Please Note that you MUST be 18 years and above before you can start this application.

Personal details needed for MTN Project Fame 2016 Registration Form

  • Surename
  • First and other names
  • Date of Birth – Format DD MM YYYY Age (18 years is minimum age of eligibility)
  • Sex M/F
  • Nationality
  • National ID Number or passport country of issue
  • P.O. box Postal Code and/or Street Address
  • City/Country
  • Telephone number Mobile number
  • Email Address
  • Occupation
  • Language (Tick in box English, French or Specify other
  • Have you ever been convicted for any offence other than traffic offence? YES/NO if yes please specify
  • Musical Background
  • Instruments played (Tick in box) Piano, Guiter, Drums, Flute Other (Please specify
  • Song Writing (Music Composition) Yes/No
  • Why do you want to participate in MTN Project Fame 2016? (Maximum of 50 words)…………………………………………………………..
  • Have you ever participated in any talent Show? Yes/No (If yes what level did you reach) ……………………………………………….

We are here to keep you up-to-date for the show, so feel free to Bookmark this page, for quick update and other entertaining information which might interest you. Use the comment box below incase you have any question.

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