NBC Defence Institute Full Details

NBC Defence Institute Full Details The NBC Defence Institute is a University institute established in ​accordance with the law of 111/1998.
It is designed to provide the highest university education, it is responsible for scientific, research, development or other creative activities and can contribute to teaching in accredited forms of programs or in parts of them.

The NBC Defence Institute is a part of the University of Defence. Its responsibility is primarily focused on applied research, science and teaching.

The priority of the teaching effort provided by the NBC Defence Institute staff is personnel education and training for CBRN units in the Czech Republic Armed Forces.

The Institute firmly roots from an academic community which allows direct exchange of scientific information and cooperation, carrying out accredited degree programs, improving Institute staff’s qualification and, last but not least, deployment of both specific and institutional research funding resources.

Some Faculty of Military in University of Defence

NBC Defence Institute mission includes mainly the following:

  • Applied research in the defence against contemporary and perspective weapons of mass destruction and other military significant toxic compounds.
  • Production of scientific knowledge of analytical or prognostic nature necessary for decision-making and management of Czech Armed Forces protection against biological warfare agents, including long-term and flexible analyses.
  • Development of national specific abilities in the defence against the weapons of mass destruction and related fields of science, coordination of research projects on both national and international levels.
  • Training for CBRN units and government administration specialists in the defence against weapons of mass destruction and toxic industrial materials within integral university degree studies system, including international students.
  • Production of standards and expertises, providing consultancy and advice on the level of both the Czech Republic and NATO.

Source: NBC Defence Institute

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