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Netflix Registration Without Credit Card – – Netflix has become one of the most popular Videos & Movies streaming website which is made available for all devices like Tablet, iPhone, Android, Computer/Desktop. Now with Netflix App you watch movies of your choice like you are watch through your smart TV at home.

How To Register Netflix Without Credit Card – Netflix Registration Without Credit Card –

Netflix has provided high quality digital video to make you fun well spent on Netflix movies. And in enjoying this we will be showing you process of netflix registration without credit card. So follow the steps below to solve a netflix registration problem at To Register Netflix Without Credit Card - Netflix Registration Without Credit Card -

Steps 1: Visit the official site as

Step 2: Click on start your Free month

Step 3: Click on See your Plans, When it open, then click on the type of subscription that you want for Netflix, and which is Basic

Step 4: Then click on continue and when it open Create your Account by fill in the required details (Email and Password) and then click on Continue

Step 5: Now, when asked for your payment details, click PayPal instead of Credit Card.  Then, click Continue to PayPal.

Step 6: When it opens Fill in the details need and Click On Log In

Step 7: On the next screen, click Agree and Continue.

Step 8: Please Note that it will come into two parts.  First, you will be asked again to choose which type of Netflix subscription you prefer.  Click on an option to select it.

Step 9: Next, scroll down the screen and click the check box to confirm that you are over 18 and agree to Netflix’s rules.  Then click Start Membership.

After all this There, You are now signed up for Netflix, and will pay for it by using PayPal instead of a credit card!

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