New feature UPDATE: Snapchat introduces 3D World Lenses

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Snapchat is on it again with another feature to surprise it’s users, Snapchat introduces 3D World lenses for the rear Camera. With it’s new features rolling out accordingly, When Snapchat brought it’s “Stories” for public photos or short videos that disappear after a day, other social Media copied it. Now Snapchat wants to stand ahead it’s Competitor; the likes of Facebook, Instagram and lots more. that why they are out with World Lenses.

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The 3D world lenses will blend you or your Environment with it’s 3D features. this said feature will also help you to add filters to your surroundings.

Snapchat introduces 3D World Lenses

Snapchat made know that the goal is to enable users better tell stories and express themselves through “3D content and experiences.

So with this you can interact with 3D objects using the rear-facing camera, thereby making you story Colorful and Meaningful.

Using the 3D world Lenses let you lay clouds, rainbows and other 3D experiences on the world rather than on your face. The 3D World lenses works with Photos and Videos.

How SnapChat 3D world Lenses works

  • First of all, To get this feature on your device, Make sure to update the latest version of the Snapchat app
  • Launch the app, switch to the rear-facing camera (tap the icon on the upper-right hand corner or double-tapping anywhere on the screen)
  • While you are Snapping with the rear-facing camera, All you need to do is to tap the camera screen to see/find the new Lenses; rainbows, flowers, clouds, hearts, text, and more that can give your world around you a new 3D experience.

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