The New iPhone 7 & 7 plus Lightening Charging Dock is the Right Accessory for your Apple Device, If you are thinking of an affordable and suitable Charging Dock just consider this Dock made with a Stouch Aluminum  just for Your iPhone.


It comes in Various Aluminum lightening designed Colors, to Satisfy you want. It uses a lightening Connector which will give you the best experience of Charging your device.

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A look at some of the New iPhone 7 and 7 plus Lightening Charging Dock

  • Made of Aluminum Alloy Material.
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 & plus.
  • It Comes with a USB cable to charge your device.
  • A Product Machined from a premium Aluminum Material.
  • Data transfer by Sync to your Computer.

It was designed to satisfy your want. You can Connect the charging dock station to your Computer to Sync and Charge your Phone via Micro USB to USB cable. But it does not transmit Sounds.

And also Connect the Dock to an Electric Power Outlet using a USB Power Adapter to charge the battery.

How to use the Lightening Charging DockNew iPhone 7 and 7 plus Lightening Charging Dock Affordable, suitable for Apple device

  1. To charge its battery, Connect the dock to your computer with the USB cable included with your iPhone to sync iPhone.
  2. Connect the charging dock to an electric Power outlet using the Apple USB Power Adapter included with your iPhone to also charge the battery.
  3. Place your iPhone in the dock and enjoy clear audio during speakerphone calls.

Note that you can also use it while it’s Charging, to listen to music with an Headphone.

Check it out and Purchase the Lightning Charging Dock for your iPhone, you can any color of your choice. It’s available in Amazon at $18.00.

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