New Whatsapp Video call Update – Whatsapp Video Calling APK Download

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New Whatsapp video call Update – We are please to update you with the latest update WHATSAPP have made available. WhatsApp is bringing out support for video calls within the Android section, but the problem is that not everyone Android user has received the new feature. But as we all know that Everywhere on the planet, millions of people are sending messages using WhatsApp and this is one reason WhatsApp is among the most popular apps used right now.

The update they are implementing at the moment is a very big one, and any changes made to it makes a difference and this is why the new feature will be available only on the beta version of WhatsApp for now. Following the WHATSAPP UPDATE first step, until you update the app itself is when the features can be accessed, this only means that a bigger roll out will come soon enough.New Whatsapp Video call Update -  Whatsapp Video Calling APK Download

How to Make A Whatsapp Video Call

Accessing the video calls feature using WhatsApp is just the same as accessing the voice calls. When you get the update the step below will help you on How to Make A Whatsapp Video Call Easily. See below to learn how to make a New vidoe call On Whatsapp.

  1. In other to do that tap on your call button while you already are in a conversation with someone and a dialog box will pop on your screen giving you the option to make a voice call or a video call.
  2. After that then hit video call and you are set to go.

Create New WhatsApp Account – Sign Up Whatsapp –

So now, one new thing you have to know is that the  Whatsapp Latest feature brings integration which intuitive and a new bonus added to the dialogue box that helps you from preventing any accidental voice calls you might make.

since WhatsApp added the voice calling function in March 2015, the Whatsapp video call feature has been long awaited to drop since then. The only real competition WhatsApp will face regarding video calls is Skype and FaceTime (iOS).

Whatsapp Video Calling APK Download

To give the new WhatApp video calling feature a try all you need to do is download the APK for the beta version 2.16.318, and keep in mind that both the caller and the receiver need to have WhatsApp activated to be able to make a video call.

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