Nigerian’s National Identity Card Vs Voters Card | Features; Differences

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An Identity card can be seen as a means by which Someone is being recognized, and better still confirm such a person’s Identity. Voters card can also be seen as an Identity card, it is use mainly for voting during the time/period of Elections. Now, We can say that both serves as a means of Identifications But in this article, we will be comparing the Nigeria’s National Identity Card Vs Voters Card and also see their Functions and their differences.

The both plays vital Roles in Nigeria, but it can be confirmed that the Nigeria’s National Identity Card is the Mother of it all. there are places you can go and present the National Identity Card that you can not present the Voters card.

National ID Card as is Fondly called is mainly for the purpose of IDENTIFICATION, While Voters Card primary Purpose is for ELECTIONS.

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Nigerian’s National Identity Card Vs Voters Card

You can Look at both to be for Identification (National ID) and Election (Voters Card) Purpose. But looking at their features you will note that they are similar but with slight differences.

Features of the National ID Card

Nigerian's National Identity Card Vs Voters Card | Features; Differences

  • Name of Card Applicant
  • Personal Info; date of Birth, Occupation,  gender, Height
  • Photo Passport
  • Nationality
  • Document Number
  • Identification number

Features of the Voters Card

Nigerian's National Identity Card Vs Voters Card | Features; Differences

  • Voter’s name
  • Personal info; date of birth, occupation, gender
  • Photo Passport
  • The name of the state the voter is registered in
  • Name of the L.G.A
  • The Registration Area/Centre and code
  • The voter’s Identification number


One good Similarity about the two Cards is that, they are both Plastics and they can both be Used for Activities like Banking Transactions and even for Official Purposes.

Difference between the National ID Card and the Voters Card

⇒ National ID Card

  • Primarily for Identification
  • Contains much information about a citizen
  • It’s a means of Identification
  • The NIMC Act stipulates that only 16 years and above will be eligible for an ID Card

⇒ Voters Card

  • Primarily for Voting, During Elections
  • Contains Limited Information
  • An Alternative means for Identification
  • 18 years and above is Eligible for a voters card to be able to Vote.

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