NYSC Batch A 2016 Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Check Status

We have come to understand how worried all NYSC Batch A  of stream 2 are. Some inform came to us that some of you got an SMS that the printing of your stream 2 call-up letter surpose to start on the 12th, some said 14th of May, 2016.

WHy to some, getting WRONG information (RUMORS)  that printing of  NYSC Batch A  2016 Stream 2 Call-Up Letter and going for service/camp is now by September.


Please and Please Do not mind any kind of message sent to you or email to you as long as the message is not coming form the NYSC management office.

How to Check Status of NYSC Batch A  2016 Stream 2 Call-Up Letter

You can do that by;

  1. Logo to http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4/
  2. enter your email address and password
  3. click the “resume”

If you are still getting a message like this on your NYSC account ” You will be notified when to print your call-up letter because you are not in stream I” then you should know that its still not time for you to start printing your call up letter.

Please Note that in this situation  what happens to Mr A who is in Stream 2 , is also happening to Mrs B who is in stream 2.

However, from the information we recently gathered, the printing of NYSC Batch A  2016 Stream 2 Call-Up Letter starts from this week.

Once the times comes to start printing your Stream 2 Call-Up Letter, as you logon to your account you will see the link …so clear… for you to click and print out your letter on coloured.

We have tried our best replying every person who commented on our previous updates. If in case you are still confuse or you have a contribution, still use the comment box below and we shall assist you.

Good Luck.


  1. Morni sir, tnks for d latest info sir. Am fool satified of dis. Neet and clear undestandin. Bt sir nysc managemnt shuld wok fast o, cos we hv fed up of dis. Ile ti su wa o(house don tire us)

  2. Thanks for the updates, hope the date is not tampered with, so we don’t stop preparing.

  3. Helo sire,are we gonna get a notification sms or email when its time for printing?

  4. Bravo bro!! Communication is a bedrock of every undertaking. Why the total silence? If they want to shift the camp or the CUL to 20th May is not my problem. They should come out and talk to human beings like them not treating humans has if they illiterate pls.

    1. That is what we are also watch at… whether they can come to say any thing. But if nothing has been said so far does not mean it has been canceled for this year

  5. Pls sir,will they message us when is time to print or wat?

    1. yes. but just in case no message that is the reason for this article above so that you can always check your status

  6. General, National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), on Monday told the Senate that lack of funds may stall mobilising 2016 Batch A Stream 2 prospective corps members for orientation.That’s the news as @ yest9t is true?

  7. Nigeria can neva b organised even in the next world to come. I hate ds fucked up Country.

  8. Please I just received sms from nysc now that the stream 2 has bn postpone, due to logistics, that they new date wll b communicate to me in due curse,how truth it is sir?

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