List of NYSC Orientation Camp Requirement for All Batch

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NYSC Orientation Camp Requirement – All this below are what you need to be with in your NYSC camp. According to the management of the National Youth Service Corps that just recently release the Batch portal. (NYSC Camp Requirement, Requirement for NYSC Orientation camp registration)NYSC Orientation Camp Requirement

List of NYSC Orientation Camp Requirement

  • Authentic Student ID Card – very important (Original and 6 photocopies)
  • Notification/Statement of Result from your School (Original and 6 Photocopies)
  • NYSC Call-up letter (Original and 6 photocopies)
  • Recent Passport Photograph – RED BACKGROUND (24 copies)

All you will be needing during the orientation camp to survive with for your 3 weeks Orientation stay.

  1. 3 round-neck white t-shirts
  2. 2 pair of shorts (optional)
  3. An extra pair of white tennis shoes
  4. Medium-sized Waist pouch
  5. Sunglasses (If you are posted to the North)
  6. Water-bottle
  7. Cardigan
  8. Bed sheets and pillow case
  9. Toiletries
  10. Extra set of clothes for Sunday
  11. Cereals and provisions
  12. Cash (at least N25, 000)
  13. Food Flask
  14. Slippers
  15. Torchlight

As an average prospective Corp member, going to the NYSC Orientation camp registration with all these above listed items will ensure a hassle free fun-filled camp experience. Please just Feel Free to use the Comment Box below if you have any doubts or contribution to make about the NYSC Orientation Camp Requirement. We will get back to you as soon as possible. THANKS and Best of Luck!!!


  1. I am confused, is not the officials that will provide all the white an the khaki for the corps?

    1. Which of the Officials are you talking about? @ RAZAN

  2. It a welcom idea… When is batch B16 camping?

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