Official Obama Facebook Page For The White House – The White House FB Portal

Official Obama Facebook page for the white house – The White House Facebook Portal – Citizens of United States have written to the president since Thomas Jefferson was in office. Now, it’s easier than ever to communicate the White House through Obama Facebook and twitter White House account. But just in case you don’t still understand, we mean that you can now send a Facebook message to President Obama just as you would send a Facebook message to your Family, Friends and Loved once.

Following The White House Facebook Messenger that was recently launch on Wednesday, all United States (U.S), Uk and other country citizens can now send a note to the president online just as the way you send a Facebook message to your Friends, Family and Loved once.

However, The White House Chief Digital Officer” Jason Goldman”, said in the announcement about the New White House Facebook Messenger bot, “Our goal was to meet people where they are” “It’s about creating opportunities for people to engage with their government in new and accessible ways, using the same technologies we already rely on in our daily lives.”

This is not the first technological advance the White House has made in order to better connect the Obamas with the American people: The @POTUS Twitter account was launched in May 2015, while the First Lady joined Snapchat this past June.
Official Obama Facebook Page For The White House - The White House FB Portal
Every day, President Obama reads 10 letters that were sent to him by the American people. Now, our goal is to bring the conversation to even more Americans. Starting today, you can send a note to the White House via Facebook Messenger. In the same way that you message your friends, you can go to our Facebook Page and click “Message” to share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon

How To Message Obama on The White House Facebook page

To message the United States president Obama, Then you have to follow the steps below!!!

Open Your facebook account and go to search box and type in “The White House” in the search box space
When it opens, click on “Message” on The White House Facebook page,
When the Messenger bot window opens, The bot mentions that the president will read 10 of these messages a night and you will get you reply.

Official Obama Facebook Page For The White House

Since you read and  understand the steps above on How to Message Obama with The White House? It is really easy

Visit The White House Facebook page Portal with this link <<<<<<>>>>>>

Does The White House Have A Facebook Page

So, for so many American out there, or other country citizen who is asking, if does the white house have a facebook page? we believe you know know the answer now, that is a big YES

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