Okash Loan App Download For Okash Mobile Registration

If you know about OPay, then this Okash Loan App won’t be new to you as it is OPay’s automated lending service that is focused on increasing access to credit financially. In this article, I will tutor you in the easy way you can download the mobile app and apply for a loan fast.

Okash makes it easy to access loan anytime and anywhere, provided there is a good internet connection, all you have to do is to download, register, and apply for the loan that you want. There are so many reasons one might need a loan, and getting it from a simple loan application is one right way to get started.

Just like the Branch Loan Nigeria App, Okash gives you secure, easy access to short term loans for your need today and on how you get started with it, this article will properly guide you. Okash always requires you to repay your loan from 91 days to 365 days.

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You can get Okash loan for your everyday needs, education, and even for business. Okash application for a loan is simple, flexible, and fast. You won’t need to enter any paper information or bring a third-party before you have access to a loan. You just need a working internet mobile device and the app installed in it to get started.

As simple as the loan app is, you can choose your desired loan and it will be disbursed to your bank account in a very short time. Okash let you get up to N50,000 quickly without any issue.

Who is Eligible For Okash Loan In Nigeria?

Well, the loan is definitely not for everybody, check out if you are eligible below.

  1. Nigeria Residents
  2. Valid ID Card
  3. Bank account and card owner
  4. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  5. 20 to 55 years old
  6. Source of Income
  7. You will need an android device
  8. A good data connection

If you meet the eligibility stated above, then you can apply for a loan on Okash.

How Okcash Application Works In Terms Of Loan In Nigeria

Its working system is simple, see below.

  • First of all, Install the loan app on your device
  • Register With the required information
  • Select the product you want
  • Fill the basic requirement and submit your application
  • Then you will be contacted if your loan application is successful
  • After the approval, E-sign the loan agreement and the approved amount will be sent to your bank account.

Okash Loan App Download

The app is suitable for your Android device and you can follow the steps below to download the Okcash app for free on your Mobile device.

  • Visit your mobile store (Google play store)
  • In the search bar, type and search for “Okash”
  • Open and tap on Install and the app will start the automatic download on your device.

Okash Registration For Loan Application

Follow the steps below to register for free on Okash so as to get easy access to loan anytime you want.

  • Open the download Okash app and enter your phone number in the space provided.
  • Tap on “Sign in/Sign up” and then read the terms of service on the next page and tap on continue
  • A verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number you provided.
  • Enter the code in the space provided for it (if you didn’t get the code before the count-down, click on Resend Now)
  • Next, create a 4-digit password and tap on Sign Up. Then tap on “allow” to allow Okash access your location

That’s all, you Okash registration will be carried out successfully if you follow the steps given above.

How To Apply For Loan on Okash App

After you’ve successfully signed up using the steps above, you can apply for a loan quickly using the steps below.

  • Open the Okash app from your home screen and tap on “Cash Loan”
  • Select the amount you want to apply for and you will see the original fee, interest, repayment, and due date.
  • Tap on “Apply Now”. Okash will need permissions to ensure the major functions can work well, Grant it the permission by Tapping on Ok.
  • Tap on “allow” and on the next page, enter your first name, other/middle name, last name, gender, date of birth, BVN, personal email, residential address, street address, the nearest bus stop and tap on Next to follow on-screen prompting to successfully apply for your loan.

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Okash Contact Support

Do you want to contact the customer service representative for anything relating to the loan application? feel free to do so by using any of the following ways.

Phone Number: 08097755512
Whatsapp: +2349019099999
Email Address: support@o-kash.com

You can also use the comment box below for any question on this Okash Loan App download and registration and DailiesRoom.com will be here to attend to you.


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