Online NYSC status checker for Batch B – Check NYSC Batch B Senate List

Online NYSC status checker for Batch B – Check NYSC Batch B Senate List – Hello my lovely readers, we find out that most of us do not know how to check and where to check, if new Batch name is been release for service (NYSC status checker). But now you are save because we are going to show you how to check your Statue  (NYSC Verify Senate Lists) and also make it easy for you by showing the link NYSC Senate List Verification 2016. so lets get started now.Online NYSC status checker for Batch B

If you have been really longing to know whether or not, if your School mobilized your name for 2016 National Youth Service Corps NYSC Batch B, then you just have to visit this portal below with immediate effect, Because NAMES HAVE JUST BEEN RELEASED for 2016 BATCH B CORPs

Steps for Online NYSC status checker 2016

The following step below are just the simple and easy way to check your NYSC Status Online

  1. Visit the official portal of NYSC for the Verification of the list here:
  2. You will see check senate lists or it’s equivalent at the right hand side.
  3. Click on it link, a new page will oppen. e.g just like this: NYSC status checker for Batch B
  4. So when it’s open, fill in the following requirement as followed: (a)Select Institution, (b)Matriculation Number, (c)Surname, (d)Date of birth,
  5. After providing all this details then click on search bottom.

READ NOW: 2016 NYSC Batch B Online Registration Portal – Batch B Corps Members Requirement

Note that with all this process showed to you, you a very good to go once your name is their.

National Youth Service Corps Status Checker Notes

1. NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2016 Batch B

The following are the NYSC Mobilization Time Table Event and Date For 2016 Batch B

S/NO Event Date
1 Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking and feedback 14th – 21st September 2016
2 Collation of Prospective Corps Members’ Data by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs 12th – 30th September 2016
3 Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 3rd – 8th October 2016
4 Uploading of Corrected Lists by Corps Producing Institutions 8th – 14th October 2016
5 On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates 17th October – 12th November 2016
6 Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks officers. 17th October – 12th November, 2016
7 Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers 17th October – 12th November, 2016
8 Deployment and Printing of Call-up Letters by ICT Department 14th – 19th November, 2016
9 Notification/On-line Printing of Call-up Letters/Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions 21st – 25th November, 2016
10 On-line Printing of Deployment Disposition by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs 21st – 25th November, 2016

2. List of NUC, NBTE and NCCE Accredited Courses within Selected Institution

You can still check on the List of NUC, NBTE and NCCE Accredited Courses within Selected Institution on this link:

Please Note that you can Stay Tuned and Bookmark in your browser for more Tips and Tricks.  And if you have any doubts or contribution to make on Online NYSC status checker, just  Feel Free to use the Comment Box below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. THANKS


  1. Please am having prob in checkin my name on senate list, the said no record found, dat I shld contact my school for verification, I hv contact my school nd d tld me its too late, pls I need ur help. Tnx

    1. Lady faith that means that your name was not included in this Batch B list so try going to your school (data base) to make some enquirers if your name was included. Thanks

      1. I hv done dat, nd d tld me d. Moblized my name, maybe its a mistake pls cn u be able to correct it for me tnx

        1. Please, you have to check it very well because if your name was Mobilized that means it should be online too

  2. pls sir am having problem on checking my name on Senate list, d said I shld contact my school for verification ,I HV done DAT but d said its too late to correct it, pls sir help me in D’s situation, tnx my name: Agu faith.N fed poly oko matric nom FPO/HND/hre/011/043
    date of birth:9 Jan 1989

    1. Just go back to school data base and try again but according to your statement, is means that your name is not part of this batch B. And the final name was submitted on 3td of this month. so that is why you have to go back to your school again. Sorry for the troubles

  3. Sir, I ws mobilized lasr year. Both cud nt go bcos of certain issues..i registered for revalidation this year…I was wondering perhaps…I will be posted to the former state of deployment for last year..thank yu

    1. After re-registering for it, i hope you went to your school data base to notified then? @Precious

  4. I was mobilized in 2015 Batch A but couldn’t show up in camp due to some stringent reasons.Can I apply for revalidation with 2016 Batch B?

    1. Yes, Just go and apply for Re-mobilization for this Batch B. Thanks

      1. What am I to apply for? Remobilization or Revalidation?

  5. Good day sir, my name was omittd frm the prEmobiLiztIon list for batch b 2016 bt I went to my school To notify them abt d issUe pls can I still b part of dis batch @ sandra UnI maid

    1. ODILD, only If they have really done something about it. Thanks

  6. i checked but is telling me no record, went to my institution to complain and they said they are suprised that they have sent my what do u tink d problem is.

    1. Please go back to your school, because that is where you can get an answer that is really believable and also know what to do about it. Thanks

  7. My name is Echikwu from university of Jos I checked online no result found,I went to school my name was not included in the error list all my details is complete.please what should I do?

  8. pls sir is the online registration still gonna commence today? if it will pls what is the fate of those that have not seen their name online……pls i really need ur urgent reply, thanks

  9. i have confirm my name for mobilization 2016 batch b, but cannot proceed with the online registration as i cannot remember the email/password used for the former deployment…what do i do sir?

    1. If really you can remember any of then (email/password) then go to your School and make the complains. Thanks

    1. Try using your email to retrieve your account by clicking forget password. Thanks

  10. Please sir, I can’t log in to check my NYSC posting what can I do? It is saying the page have been removed or it has been changed, what can I do pls??

  11. Please how do I check my name on the senate list as a foreign student

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