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We noticed that almost everyone including you is in search for PHOTO of NYSC Call-Up Letter Sample printed from And that is what this page has covered for you.

Before I proceed in showing the example of nysc call up letter is also good you know what NYCE CALL UP LETTER is all about. So check it out below:

What is NYSC Call-up Letter?

NYSC Call-up Letter is simply a proof of document showing that you have been signed for Notional service. This will also be written on the NYSC Call-up Letter when you have yours printed.

DON’T MISS: NYSC Dashboard Portal – nysc Login Dashboard for Call-up letters online Printing

So now check below to see how the NYSC Call Up Letter looks like:

See How The NYSC Call-Up Letter Sample – How Yours Should Look

NYSC Call-Up Letter Sample logo

Photo – NYSC Call-Up Letter Sample logo – an example of nysc call up letter

Example Of Things You Look Forward To Seeing In The NYSC Call-up Letter Are:

  • Your name
  • call-up number
  • state of origin
  • Gender
  • Institution you study
  • the Course you study
  • State of Deployment
  • Date of reporting
  • Officer-in-charge
  • Address of your orientation camp

Above are the important information needed to be seen on that document, when printed out. Please Note that your passport MOST also be clear and seeing.

How To Print Out NYSC Call-Up Letter from

  1. Logon to the official portal for the printing of call-up letters via the link below:
  3. Log in with your registered email address and password
  4. On your dashboard, you’ll see PRINT call-up letter
  5. You can now click on it and then download it
  6. Note: if you don’t see it, then you are among those enlisted for stream II

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For all those who didn’t pay should collect their call-up letters from their Institutions of graduation.

Please note that you can only print your NYSC Call-up letters from the official NYSC portal (, or

If you still have any question regarding NYSC Call-Up Letter Sample printed from  please use the comment box below to express your thought.

Good Luck.

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