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Some time ago, we took out time in showing some simple guide on Facebook Gameroom Installation after Download and How to play because of the request we have been receiving via our Email Address. And also here today we will be looking at How To Play Facebook Ads Instant Games Discover.

So since you also seen friends play Facebook Instant Games or you just know about Facebook Game Ads, then worry not because here in this post you will be learning how you can also play yours.

Facebook Game Development Tutorial

This Facebook adds instant games platform allows you to add any Facebook instant game to your mobile device home screen and even most of your friends you do play with, the will as well see your Game activity.

However, Once the game is added to your mobile device home screen, you can now instantly click on it from there and the game will start playing instantly but it requires a data connection. Meanwhile, before I proceed to how you can play the game is good you know that Facebook instant games are also known to be Facebook ads instant games.

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One good thing about this Instant Games Discover is that it would seem as if the game is installed on your device directly and it does not require you to download the game from anywhere first.

Requirements for FaceBook Game Ads

The only requirement to start playing this Facebook Ads Instant Games is something we believe you already have before now. However, before you can Play Facebook Ads Instant Games here are what you really need:

1. You have had to Sign Up Facebook Account if really you don’t have an Account with before Now (See Guide For New Facebook Account Sign Up and FB Login).

2. You will Also have to Download the Facebook Messenger App if only you have not downloaded the FB App before now. (See How To Download Facebook Messenger App Free)

3. Lastly, just as stated above that you need an internet connection in other to play FB Ads Instant Games Discover.

So this is what you really need to proceed with this game, so without taking much of the time again here in this post, Please check below to see How To Play Facebook Ads Instant Games Discover

How To Play Facebook Ads Instant Games Discover – FB Game Ads

To use this platform, launch the Facebook messenger app and log in your Facebook account with your FB LOGIN ID in the specified boxes and click on the login button. After that…

  • Click on the discover icon on the Facebook messenger homepage.How To Play Facebook Ads Instant Games Discover - FaceBook Game Ads
  • From the discover screen, click on games How To Play Facebook Ads Instant Games Discover - FaceBook Game Ads
  • Also, click on Browse and then on the game you want to add to your home screen.How To Play Facebook Ads Instant Games Discover - FaceBook Game Ads
  • Wait patiently for the game to load and a pop up will be displayed to you. From the pop-up, click on the “add” or “Play” to the home screen and the game will be added to your home screen. FaceBook Game Ads

If you do not wish to add the game to your home screen, you can click on cancel from the popup.

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Once this is done, remember that Friends, connections and other people you play with will be able to see your game activity. The game will have access to your public profile information and the people you know who also play this game.

So that is all. Please remember to use the comment box below in asking any question or dropping your opinion about this FB Ads Instant Games.

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