PlayStation 4 Pro Game Specifications are weak

Following the Sony PlayStation meeting for PlayStation 4 Pro Game Specifications, Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 4 Pro specifications in September when they announced the new console, and the console is due for release in November and gamers can pre-order the 4K capable device now.
PlayStation 4 Pro Game Specifications are weak
Playstation 4 pro review: If The upcoming console own a 4K TV, it will let players to run their games in 4K resolution and this is to say that anyone without a 4K TV won’t benefit very much from purchasing a PlayStation 4 Pro. Also the  virtual reality games running through the PlayStation VR will also work in 4K using the PlayStation 4 Pro, this was confirmed by SONY.

The original PlayStation 4 little advancement has come under a lot of criticism by all gamers; while the specifications for the Xbox Scorpio are yet to be revealed, comments from Microsoft have revealed that their console will be much more powerful.

PlayStation 4 Pro Game Specifications

Here are the gamers specifications concerned:

⇒ CPU: AMD 8 Core Jaguar
⇒ GPU: AMD Radeon, 4.20 TFLOPS
⇒ Memory: GDDR5 8GB
⇒ Storage: 1TB
There are only very slight changes to the hardware of the PlayStation 4 Pro.
The PlayStation 4 uses the exact same CPU and Memory, the only improvements have been made to the GPU.

However, It looks like the PlayStation 4 Pro sale can only be in 1TB formats which is still possible that a 2TB version will be sold in the future.

Please Note that PlayStation 4 Pro has similar specifications to the Xbox One S however, this is still currently the only console that will be able to run games in native 4K resolution. The Xbox Scorpio is due for a late 2017 release date and 4K TV owners will need to wait and see just how the two consoles compare.

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