Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

We believe that most of you might have the idea of starting up a Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria but do to something or challenge, you don’t even know how to start it up. In this article we be showing you all that is take to be a Recharge Card dealers and as well make some amazing unbelievable profit for yourself.Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria does not require u to have much knowledge in computer. Once u know how to On and off a computer, access your email and know how to use a printing machine then u are good to go.

Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: What You Need To Know

01. If you want to Start the business you will have to get the list of Dealers (which only I offer the reliable dealers) online. When you contact them, because I have also included their office address, phone number , price details (and other vital info about them) in the list I send, as I was saying that when you contact them u will b asked to come down to the office (so this is not a blind business u do without knowing any details or knowing the office) to create a business name (its free). Now the name will be use to customize the software that will b installed in your computer.

02. Once that is done you can now start to purchase Pins of which u do not need to be going to office any more.

03. When making payment u use your business name so the the Recharge card company will know who has made payment at that time.

04. You can start with at least N9,600 to invest or start to order for pins. The software to be given to u prints all networks. U are d one to select ( from the software) the network u want to print.

To get the List of dealers for recharge card pins you have to make payment of N5,000 only into the account below;

  • Bank: First Bank PLC


  • Acct No.: 3066151282


  • Bank: GTBank


  • Acct No.: 0149651074

Now text your name, email address and Teller no. to 08032934651 or here on WhatsApp, after you had paid. The dealer list will be sent to u that same day. So how, believes you do not have any reason not to start up Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria. Thanks & Best of Luck!!!

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