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Register MTN Hitmaker For Audition –

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Register MTN Hitmaker For Audition –

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MTN Hitmaker Registration site for season 7 or 8 for MTN HitMaker Registration & Auditions won be your problem again if really you want to Register MTN Hitmaker. For some time now, Most of the interested applicant has been asking us how to join MTN hitmaker season 7 or rather Season 8 and it is to your concern that we update you on Site.Register MTN Hitmaker For Audition -

MTN Hitmaker is an amazing Talent Show platform that helps you to showcase what you get but like you know, you will have to show them you are very much interested in showing the world your talent by starting with MTN HitMaker Registration & Auditions at

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Now, just in case you really don’t know what to do when you visit the official MTN Hitmaker Registration website; Here in this post I will be guiding you on that (How To Register MTN Hitmaker 7)

PLEASE NOTE: is not the part of MTN Hitmaker website rather,, happens to Hitmaker site for the show.

So before you proceed, check below to see the All you MUST know before looking for How To Register MTN Hitmaker and proceed in registering.


1.1 MTN HITMAKER (“The Show”) is generally open to all amateur music artistes who live in or are ordinarily resident in Ghana.
1.2 Applicants who are less than Eighteen (18) years of age are required to obtain the written consent of a parent or legal guardian before they are deemed qualified to participate in the Show.
1.3 An Applicant shall not be eligible to enter the Show if that Applicant is a party to:
a. A talent management contract or a contract with a talent agent.
b. An existing music recording contract either alone or as a member of a group.
c. Any existing agreement which relates to the use by another person of that Applicant’s name, alias, voice or likeness.
d. Any exclusive acting agreement.
e. A professional contract; or
f. Any other arrangement of a contractual nature, whether written or oral, that in the opinion of the Organizers of the Show would prevent the Applicant from being fully committed to the Show or fully committed to any agreement that may result from that Applicant’s participation in the Show.
1.4 A Song recorded pursuant to any of the situations stated above, and which has been entered as part of an Applicant’s registration for participation into the Show shall be automatically withdrawn from the Show and the Participant to which it applies shall be immediately disqualified.
1.5 For the avoidance of doubt, an Applicant may be an individual or a group, except that a group shall consist of not more than 4 individuals.
1.6 All Applicants understand that the tendering of an application is only one step in participating in the Show and is no guarantee that that Applicant would be selected as a Contestant to participate in the Show.

DON’T MISS: Gmail Account Sign Up From Registration Page

2.1 All Applicants are to pick up a Registration Form and a Release Form from MTN Offices nationwide, or download the said Forms from
2.2 For an application to be considered complete, both the Registration Form and the Release Form are to be completely filled and signed with the Applicant’s original signature and the following attached:
a. A passport picture of the Applicant, with the name of that Applicant written on the reverse side of the picture
b. Proof of the Applicant’s Identity (A photocopy of Passport, Voter’s ID, National ID, National Health Insurance ID, and Driver’s License). Note that Applicants may be required to produce the originals for inspection.
c. A copy of the Demo being entered for the Show. Note that the demo should be recorded on a CD, and that the Applicant’s full name must be legibly labelled, with a black marker, on the CD itself as well as on the spine of the CD case.
d. Two copies of the lyric sheet for the song on the Demo, and where the Demo includes a song which is partly or wholly in a language other than English, an English translation should be provided.
e. For Applicants who are below the age of Eighteen (18) years the parental portion must be signed by that Applicant’s parent or legal guardian.
2.3 Only one Demo per Applicant shall be accepted for consideration. For the purpose of these Term and Conditions, a Demo is a CD containing One (1) Song
2.4 Applicants shall only submit songs, which do not exceed five (5) minutes in length, which are the original work of that Applicant and result from that Applicant’s independent effort.
2.5 Completed applications must be received not later than the advertised deadline and must be dropped off at any of the designated drop off points, MTN regional offices or mailed to MTN HITMAKER, P. O. Box CT3855 Cantonments, Accra – Ghana.
2.6 Note that Applications would not be considered complete without any of the required attachments.
2.7 The date for the close of submission of the Forms shall be communicated by advertisements in the media.
2.8 A Song that has previously been released to the public, or otherwise published for commercial purposes by the Applicant or any other person, and that has been entered as part of an Applicant’s registration for participation into the Show, shall be automatically withdrawn from the Show and the Participant to which it applies shall be immediately disqualified.
2.9 Applicants are solely responsible for ensuring that the songs they enter are complete and playable.
2.10 Each Applicant guarantees and undertakes that they have the absolute legal right to enter the song or Demo (including written approval from non-_ contestant co-_writers) in the Show.
2.11 The organizers shall not be held liable for the Applicant’s inability to access the website as a result of connection problems.

NOTE: Other Terms and Conditions like AUTOMATIC CONTESTANTS, SELECTION, THE SHOW, THE ULTIMATE PRIZE, LIABILITY, MISCELLANEOUS; You will read them all doing your registration terms to agree.

Register MTN Hitmaker Online for Audition From

Once you have taking note of all this MTN HITMAKER TERMS AND CONDITIONS Above registration is just very simple. Here is what you need to do.

STEP 1. Visit the official website at

STEP 2. Fill out the required info just like this below:

STEP 3. Now Agree with the terms * and also agree with personal release *

STEP 4. Which is the final step, Click on Register and you are DONE.

So this is how to register MTN Hitmaker Free. Please note that you can always ask your question if any just in case you want to know more about how to register MTN Hitmaker

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