How To Reset Facebook Account Without Losing Friends or Fans

Altering your Facebook Profile Account gives you more customized Facebook user experience that works for you and probably your business if you also have Created A Facebook Page. Meanwhile, If you really want to learn How To Reset Facebook Account Without Losing Friends or Fans, then I must say that this post is really for you.

Before looking for How To Reset Facebook Setting or asking questions like How Can I Rest My Facebook Profile Completely and NOT TO DELETE MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, I think is also good you know what Facebook Profile is.

What Is Facebook Profile?

A Facebook profile is a page that contains all of your identities on the Facebook platform, that is used to recognize you as a member on facebook.

Facebook Profile contains your information like date of birth, your contact, your name, your address, your photos, even your websites and, Business Information. This is what Facebook Profile is all about, on the Facebook platform.

However, If you have been asking questions like Is it possible to Reset Facebook Account Without Losing Friends or Fans or also asking how to reset facebook account without email, then you must know that is possible on the Facebook platform to CHANGE your FACEBOOK INFO and you really do not need any pieces of information like email Address to change or reset your FB Profile Account.

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Nevertheless below is what you really need to know when even you are thinking of how to Reset my facebook account all settings

How To Reset Facebook Account Without Losing Friends or Fans

Your Facebook profile has a wide variety of settings that control whose content you can see, who can view your content, and how your content is displayed. And in doing all this all you just need to do is to

Select either the “Account Settings” or the “Privacy Settings” option from the drop-down list, both of which enable you to access all settings. Use the tabs on the left-side column of the resulting page to reset your preferences.

So now you know that To reset your facebook profile is not that difficult. All you Just need do is to access your Facebook profile and change the necessary information you wish to change. When you access your profile you will see edit beside all the information about you on facebook. You can click on edit and change any information you want.

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So this is How To Change Facebook Profile Setting Without Losing Friends or Fans. But just in case you also have any questions or have any opinion(s) about this Facebook Profile Setting, then you can use the below COMMENT BOX in dropping them all.


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