How to Restore already Closed Tabs on Desktop Browsers; Firefox, Chrome

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In a Previous Post, I gave you an article on the Secret Keys on the Desktop, and i guess you find it very interesting to know you can do certain things with the Hidden Keys. Do you Know that you can re-open tabs that you’ve already Closed on your Browser in Desktop? Either on Firefox or Chrome Browser. With that i will be tutoring you on How to Restore Already Closed Tabs on Desktop Browsers.

Most at times, you can mistakenly Close your Current working environment or even Shutdown your Desktop. And when you do so, you find out that you can’t get back to your Previously opened tab or the site that you were on before. Don’t worry, you can get back to where you are.

I will start by Letting you Know that there is a short-cut Key you can use to get back you Currently Closed Tab, and below is the key:


With the Shortcut key above, you can re-open the currently closed tab. Now What if you want to access the Tabs you opened few days back or thereabout? Read On.

How to Restore already Closed Tabs on Desktop Browsers; Firefox, Chrome

For Firefox Browser;

  1. Open the browser on your Desktop
  2. At the far right top side of the screen, Click on the Menu option
  3. Next, Click on History
  4. Under the Restore Closed Tabs (Recently Closely), You will see the List of Your Recent tabs
  5. Select the One you want to restore, and there you have.How to Restore already Closed Tabs on Desktop Browsers; Firefox, Chrome

For Chrome Browser;

  • Open the Browser on your Desktop
  • Click on the Menu Option at the top right side of the Screen
  • Next, Click on History
  • Now you will see the list of your Recent tabs
  • Select the one you want to restore and your are done.

It’s as easy as that. The steps are thesame for the Firefox and Chrome Browser and if your browser is Internet Explorer, you can use same step too.

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