How to Save Instagram Live Video | Update Instagram App On Android Device

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Previously we looked at how you can view Someone’s Instagram Live video and also How to Start Live Video On Instagram, Now Before you can Be able to saveĀ  Instagram Live Video, you must first of all, Update your Instagram App from Google Play Store; for Android users.


Instagram Enabled a Live Video Save features for it’s Users, Which is to say that you can now save live videos on Instagram. And you can also Upload this Saved Live Broadcast to other Apps: Facebook, Twitter and More if you want.

How to Save Instagram Live Video

Remember, Update your Instagram App from your Google play Store First in other to be Able to Save Live Video, then Follow the Steps below:

  1. Now Open your Instagram App, and Go Live ( See How to start a live video Streaming on Instagram)
  2. Then when You are done Live streaming or broadcasting (Instagram tells you how many people viewed it and you can also comment and see people’s comment). Tap on End.
  3. On the same Screen, an option to save the video will appear, simply Tap on the Save button at the top right of the screen.How to Save Instagram Live Video | Update Instagram App On Android Device
  4. Now the Video will be Saved to your Phone.

Note: the Save Option only appears, when you are the One broadcasting Live, You cannot Save other people’s Live Video broadcast after they are done.

The live video is being recorded when it is Live, But When you End the Broadcast, that is when the Option: Save comes Up.

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