Do you feel Happy, Sad or want to Express yourself Properly So that the Other person you are Chatting With can Understand you? Then Here, we are going to tutor You on How to Send Facebook GIFs In a Chat using a Computer or Your Mobile Device.

Friends and family knowing how you feel is a good way to get a Chat Going, and Of course It Spice Up the Chat too.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a bitmap image format widely used on the Internet for its flexible web support and portability. You can also Say it’s an image file format like a .jpg, .png or .tiff.

On, there are Lots of GIFs you can Send to Friends to illustrate or Express your Self in the Very moment of that Chat. You can Explore and share the best Facebook GIFs and most popular animated GIFs with your Friends During your Chats.

You will get access to Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more That you can use to spice up your Chat.

Why Use GIFs

There are many Reason you need to use GIFs

  • It Ease Messaging typing
  • Best Describes your Mood or How you feel
  • It’s Worth a thousand Feels
  • It’s Fun and lots More.

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How To Send Facebook GIFs In a Chat

Now See the Steps Below:

— Using a Computer

As you know that you can Access Via a computer, you should also know that you can Send GIFs to friends too. Follow the Steps below.

  • Go to from your browser
  • If you aren’t Logged In, Then Enter your Log in Details
  • Select the friend you want to Start up Conversation With OR open your Messages if any
  • Now you can Chat as you will do Normally, But to Insert a GIF, Click on GIF (See Image Below)
  • You will get a Handful of trending GIF, Navigate Through to Select the One that best Suits your Chat or Mood
  • If the One you are looking for Isn’t on the trending list, Then you use the Search bar at the top of the GIF Page. After your Search is Out, Select one of them to SendHow To Send Facebook GIFs In a Chat Using Computer Or Mobile Device

That’s All, Your GIF Will be Sent.

— Using Mobile Device

Since your Mobile can Easily be used to chat with Friends anytime and Anywhere, You might want to use it to Send GIFs to Friends too, follow the Steps below;

  • Open Your Facebook Messenger App
  • Click on the Name of the friend you want to Chat With
  • Then Click on the Smiling Sticker icon
  • Next, Click GIFs
  • Select from the list of GIFs Displayed to you, Or use the Search Bar to Search for the One that Suits your Mood
  • Tap on it to Send and your GIF will be Sent.

How do you Like Using GIFs?

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