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Using Twitter for business is very easy only when you know the right STEPS to follow, Most interested Twitter Business Account has been looking to know the Twitter Business Account Cost and how to Set Up Twitter Account For Business after Twitter Sign Up For Business or Sign Up For Twitter Free.

Well if you must know, Twitter is an effective social media marketing tool for your business just like Facebook platform. Even the interesting part is that Twitter has over 500 million users, and that makes your business to be here.

Steps to Set Up Twitter Account For Business after Twitter Sign Up For Business is what I will be showing you today but before we proceed to any guide to Setting up your business Twitter profile; I want you to first understand something about this Twitter Business Account Cost

Twitter Business Account Cost

If really you are also among those searching for Cost of owning a Twitter Business Account before looking forward to Set Up Twitter Account For Business, then I must say you should better stop.

You just have to stop looking for it because The Twitter Sign Up For Business process those not cost anything rather than your Time and your data that you are using in access the Twitter Official Page at

So this is all you need to know about the COST. And without taking much time here again, you can now check below to see the simple step-by-step guide to Make a Twitter Handle for your Business

Steps to Sign Up For Twitter Free

Just like I have said that you need to create an account with Twitter before you can process to step 2. So check below for step 1.

STEP 1. Go to and sign up for Twitter Account

All you just need here is is visit the official site and click on the Sign Up or you can as well Click This Link to bypass the process and move to fill in your details like your name, your email, and a password. Use your real name and email. You will be able to customize your profile later.Sign Up For Twitter Free & Set Up Twitter Account For Business

However, you can visit here to learn more about How to create a New Twitter Account. (How to Create Twitter Account free | Twitter account free registration)

STEP 2. Build your timeline

Now, once you are done with your New Twitter Account Registration by Go to and sign up, Join Twitter to complete your form by providing the required info, then click on Create my account and then click on Next.

Once this is done Twitter well asks you to follow 3 people from a selection that is given to you. Remember, You must follow 3 people from this selection. (You can also Follow us @Alphadailies)

NOTE: Twitter may ask you to follow 5 more, and then 5 people you know. You can skip these last two steps by clicking on the “skip” button on the bottom right hand side of the box.

STEP 3. Email Address Confirmation

You will be asked to confirm your email, So al you just need to do is to Check your email for the confirmation, and click on the link in the email from Twitter.

Once your Confirmation is complete, then you can proceed to customize your Twitter profile and page.

Steps to Set Up Twitter Account For Business

Remember this customization is the process of Set Up Twitter Account For Business So see how it’s been done.

STEP 4. Add Character and Upload Your Profile Image

Twitter also calls this your avatar. Your photo is how you appear in your Tweets to your followers. It gives your account an identity. However, remember to Keep your photo relevant to your brand

STEP 5. Upload Header.

Your header shows up as the background to your Twitter photo. Again, keep your header branded. It shows up on mobile too, so it is important to include this in your Twitter account.

STEP 6. Add Website

Include your business website if you have created one so that your Twitter followers can easily click through to your website.

STEP 7. Add Your Biography

In your bio, add something personal or quirky about your company. As in most social media platforms, adding a personal touch resonates with your audience, and customers are more likely to follow you if they see your personality shine through.

FINALLY, CLICK ON “SAVE CHANGE” at this point in time you just successfully Set Up Twitter Account For Business and ready to start tweeting and marketing your produce.

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Please note that you can as well use the comment box below in asking any of your questions or dropping your opinion if any about This simple step-by-step guide showed to you above on How to Steps to Set Up Twitter Account For Business.

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