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Are you also among those longing to learn how to own an account with ZOOM? or Sign In Zoom With Facebook Account? or have you been longing to learn how to get started with zoom? Then I will be showing you here the simple step by step guide for Zoom Account Sign Up For Free and as well as Sign in zoom.

Before we proceed it might interest you to know that Zoom is an e-conferencing app that has been in existence for years now though not very rampant but the outbreak of coronavirus which has made most meetings virtual has made most organizations and institutions adopt the uses of e-conferencing apps which zoom is one of them.

Moreover, with the zoom, you can easily make a meeting both on a video call and voice call, share files, and screen with much more you can enjoy. Quick check below to see the benefit now.

Benefit Of Zoom App

During the usage of the app, you will as well find other features of the zoom meeting application. Meanwhile, below are the ones that will surely interest you too.

  • Zoom app during meetings allows you to collaborate with participants by being able to share screen, see those in attendance, share views, turn on videos, and audio.
  • Allows you to record meetings in other to view later
  • Participants can mute/unmute their audio and video.
  • The host can mute all participants.

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So this is what you can enjoy and much. However, you can quickly check below now to see how you can proceed to Zoom Account Sign Up For Free

How to download and install a zoom app

The sign-up process for Zoom in the mobile app on iPhone, Android, or iPad looks the same. But first, you will have to download the app and the good news here is that the Zoom Meeting App is always available to download on Windows, Play Store, and Google Store.

To download and install the zoom:

1. Log on to zoom download center at, or click zoom download center to download

2. If you want Zoom for Client meetings
Once you join or start your first zoom online meeting, the web browser will download automatically. And you will install it.

For Zoom Mobile app download On Android and iOS (iPad & iPhone)

Click to download zoom on Play Store

click to download zoom on Apple Store

Zoom Account Sign Up For Free

Please note that you can always sing in Zoom with Facebook Account, Sign In Zoom via a Google account, or SSO. So the one you wish to sign in with is the one you will Sign Up with after downloading the app with this Zoom Mobile Application Download Guide above.

For Zoom Sign Up With Email Address

  1. visit
  2. Enter your date of birth for verification and then click on “Continue” Zoom Account Sign Up Free
  3. Follow the process that will be required of you like email address, etc. Click on signup. A confirmation link will be sent to your email. Click the confirmation link in that email to begin using Zoom
  4. Click on “activate Account; Fill in the texts box to complete the signup process

So this is how you Sign Up Zoom Account for Free with your email address. But that is not all, you will also have to check below to see how you can sign in to your account.

Zoom Login With Email Address

First thing first, just like you did doing your account sign up, you will have to visit your app or the official site to proceed with your download.

1. Go to or open your Zoom mobile app
2. Fill out the sign in form by entering your Email and Password in the space required for itSign In Zoom
3. Finally, click on “Sign In” and your account will be signed in

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So that is just it. I guess very simple!!! RIGHT? Okay, check below to see how you can use Facebook as well.

How to Sign In Zoom Account With Facebook

Trust me when I say that is really simple and even fast to use your Facebook Account to Sign In Zoom. Meanwhile, this is how is been dome below.

1. Go to or open your Zoome mobile app
2. Then Proceed to click on “Sign In With Facebook”Sign In Zoom With Facebook Account
3. Once that is done, will receive your name and profile picture, and email address. And then ask you to “Continue”

So once you click on the continue, your zoom will be signed in with your Facebook details and you are very much good to start any meeting on zoom. With these steps, you can as well sign in with SSO and Google too.


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