Simple Guide On Writing A Good Research Proposal

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Do you want to write a successful Research Proposal that is Convincing? Then Read this simple guide on how to Write a Good Research Proposal that we have carefully explained and the steps that have been outlined here. A good proposal has some requirements that you should not exempt from it, read on to know more.

The key Elements that you input in a proposal can convince others that you really know what you are doing. A Research proposal is a document with basic requirements proposing a research project, Your proposal is useful in the sense that it will be needed to check if there is expertise to support your research.

Also, it forms the assessment of your application. So with this and for so many other important areas, you should make sure your Proposal does not lack the elements needed for it to convince and portray who you are.

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Your proposal should have sufficient information to convince your readers that you have an important research idea. It should be about 4-7 pages with 2000 to 3500 words.

Check out the Guidelines below for a successful Research Proposal Writing.

Simple Guide On Writing A Good Research Proposal

The elements that we will list here now should not be missing when writing your proposal.


Your Title Should be Clear, make it straight to the point. It should be Concise and Descriptive. You should think of a Title that can easily pass information about your Proposal.


What do you want to achieve? Simply Make it Known. This should be concise and approximately 300 words. Should include the research Question, the Hypothesis, methods, and Findings that you used.


The Most Important theory should be discussed here, it is the introduction part and the main purpose of the introduction is to provide the necessary background or context for your research problem. It should focus on the theoretical and practical knowledge gaps that your work aims to address. Note the point below for the literature review.

  • State the research problem
  • Provide the Context
  • Present the rationale of your proposed study
  • Clearly, Indicate the Issues to be addressed by your research
  • Identify the Key Variables of your Experiments

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It is a very Important Section in writing your Research proposal as it tells your Plan to tackle your research problem. In describing this Section, Specify the reserch operations you will take and the way you will interprete the result in respect to the research problems, State how you will spend time while applying the methods and not just and not just describing what you tend to achieve

There are no perfect methods, so make sure to describe where you believe challenges may exist in obtaining data or accessing information.


Your Timetable should include how long you will need to complete each step. This helps the Readers to evaluate the feasibility of your proposal and consider how you will go about putting the proposal into practice.


This is really necessary in the final stage. Before Submitting the Document along with your application, make sure you adhere to the Research proposal format i.e inputing including the following:

  1. References
  2. The budget page and collaboration
  3. Research hypotheses and justification
  4. Content page
  5. Bibliography

Your Proposal should be Professional, Interesting and Informative, make sure it’s Proofread by an experienced academic and a layman to correct grammatical and Spelling errors.

Also, Make it Clear, Easy to Read Structure, and Appropriate Headings should be put in place.

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