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Small Money Business in Nigeria

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Small Money Business in Nigeria

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Small Money Business – In life is not really how far but how well, YES how well. You see most of us want to make this money bigger than what we can’t even imagine, but the question is HOW, WHEN and WITH WHAT?. You see, in life you have to count one before you can count two, three, four… and so on. you can’t just start from four or any other number to count with out counting one.Small Money Business in Nigeria

So what are we trying to say here, you see in life is true that you have to start from somewhere, and the somewhere is not by emerging what we really know that we can afford, like we know too well that this particular idea of  Business to start up we have in mind, we require much capital. Then why not you do something new like…..

Something new for example selling of shoes, bags, cloth and more. We know that most of you will ask why all this, why not something  you can start with small Capital like #500, #1000 #1500 or #10,000?  this is the main problem we are having, not to do what we what to do, yes because, when you start from what you have then you can get to your Idea Business start up.

In this following below i want you to collaborate with my practical statistics in other to understand what am trying to show you now.

Small Money Business Statistics

For example we want to start selling Shoes, Bags and Cloth, and what we have is just 4 to 5 thousand Naira (N4000 to N5000) and we know 2 to 3 friends named Chukwuemeka, Ikechukwuka and Ekenedilichukwu that really want this product; Chukwuemeka needs two Cloth and one Shoe, Ikechukwuka need a Bag and a Cloth, while Ekenedilichukwu need just two Shoes;

01. Chukwuemeka: Two Cloth and one Shoe
02. Ikechukwuka: One Bag and one Cloth
03. Ekenedilichukwu: Only two Shoes

Why not go to a place where you can get this required products with a small capital, like going for a London used materials (OK materials ) to get them, like where you can buy things with just N700 to N750 or even less and sell more then what you got it.

ChukwuemekaTwo Cloth and one ShoeN700 x 2 & N750N1300 x 2 & N1350
IkechukwukaOne Bag and one ClothN500 & N750N1100 & N1350
EkenedilichukwuOnly two ShoesN750 x 2N1350 x 2
TOTAL7 ProductsN4900N7750
Small Money Business in Nigeria
Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu

We will explain the table above with Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu Small Money Business in other to understand what we’re trying to tell you about.

So let us say that Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu want a Small Money Business in Nigeria, and Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu has just N5000 with him and he try to get this product with with this N5000 in other to satisfied Chukwuemeka, Ikechukwuka and Ekenedilichukwu needs. So after his first business deal according to the table above, Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu was able to use N4900 to buy the products and made a total of N7750 having N2850 as his profit.

Small Money Business in Nigeria
Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu Try to know the amount of the shoe

So if Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu can have this from his first Business Deal, we think is good and as time goes on, as he keep buying and selling hand to hand, before you know it, a year or so, Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu will be a CEO of Shoes, Bags and Cloth Firm.

Small Money Business in Nigeria
Nwabuzor Ekenedilichukwu Dreams to be a CEO With his start up small business.

So Nigerians, Please try and always think of Small Money Business in Nigeria, with it you can become an importer and exporter, and not imagine how to start up what you can not do in life. Best of Luck as you try one out. THANKS

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