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Are you in North West, North Central, and South East geopolitical zones? then an opportunity is open to you to take the Startup Nigeria Registration Steps here in order to be part of the 3-month incubation program designed to support innovative idea staged companies across Nigeria.

Startup Nigeria is designed to move companies from ideas to successful products/services through Funding, Mentorship, and training. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs is the aforementioned areas to find their footings and grow in Nigeria’s economic geographical area.

This article will tutor you on the easy step you can take to Apply for this Startup program, carefully read through to apply successfully.

As Entrepreneurs, you can benefit from this incubation program in the sense that You will access the curriculum that is designed to help your idea and at the end, you create your own presence in Nigeria’s economics.

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Startup Nigeria Curriculum For Entrepreneurs

  • Training: You will be trained on how to validate your core hypothesis, build products and services users will love.
  • Mentorship: Mentors will help you accelerate your business growth and help you succeed faster with the experience they’ve got.
  • Equity Free Funding: You will receive investment that will help move your ideas forward support on Future fundraising.

Startup Nigeria Registration

Be part of this Incubation Program today by following the application steps given below:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Apply Now on the page
  3. Next, Click on “Start Your Application”
  4. In the field provided, enter your Name
  5. Enter your Email Address, provide your phone number
  6. Select your Gender and your Online Application | Startup Nigeria Registration
  7. Select your State of Residence, Region
  8. Provide the answers to the Onscreen questions that will be asked
  9. In the End, Click on Submit

Note: You are required to complete every field

Application Closing Date

Application closes June, 17th 2019.

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