Whatsapp is a social Media that can let you make free calls using it great features. But it’s not free from having errors because of some other apps or features that is functioning in your device, e.g Whatsapp call won’t work if the Bluetooth device is on. And it won’t also work if your battery saver is turned on. The Good news is that you can Fix Whatsapp call Error without having to take it to an expertise.

So which ever one it is, they Prevent whatsapp call from taking place. I have seen in some cases whereby an Antivirus security App also stopped whatsapp for placing a call.

So if you encounter such an error, you can easily fix it without panicking. See how to fix the problem below:

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Easily FIX Whatsapp Call Error

Now follow this steps to get it done;

  1. Check if your Bluetooth, if it is ON , simply turn it OFF.
  2. Try connecting or using a different network e.g Mobile data instead of Wi-Fi connection or vice versa.
  3. Disable Battery Saver App, if it is Enabled.
  4. Make sure that no other App is Using your Microphone, Earpiece or Camera.
  5. Apps like Antivirus and security Apps can also make the Whatsapp call not to function, they always want to take charge of everything in the device. So please Uninstall them.
  6. You can RESTART your Device to fix the Error.

One or two of the Above should fix the Error. But if it Persist, Please Contact Us and we will help you out.

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