Steps to Reply Instagram Stories using Photos, Videos – Newly introduced

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Instagram is gradually rolling out new features for it’s users, Previously it introduced to Users the Use of Face filters and we guess it was very interesting as users accepted the new development. Now, it has also Introduced the use of Photos and videos to reply Instagram stories. So to be a partaker of this, we have the needed steps to reply Instagram Stories using Photos and Videos. Read on to see the steps.

With this newly introduced feature, you don’t need to take your time typing a reply, all you need to do is to use either Photos or Videos to reply a story.

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To use this newly introduced feature, you need to update your Instagram app to it’s latest version 10.28 and above for IOS – Apple Store and for Android – Google Play.

While you want to send this Photos and Videos has a Reply, You can also use the creative filter tools like the face filter, Stickers etc to work on them before sending.

Then to access a reply sent to you, You have to go to your inbox (Direct)

Steps to Reply Instagram Stories using Photos, Videos

Below are the Simple Steps to Reply an Instagram Story with a Photo or video;

  1. While Watching a story, tap the Camera Button
  2. Capture a Photo, video or Boomerang, add any creative tool if you wish
  3. Then tap on Send – You can continue watching the story after you have tap Send.

Note this: Replies to your Story will appear in your direct Inbox has it would always. Photos and Videos Replies will be displayed in Blue Color and will disappear Once they have been viewed.

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