Steps To Campaigner Login For Email Marketing Automation

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Get the best out of your Campaigner email marketing platform when you take the basic steps to Campaigner login that we have given here. Campaigner is one right email marketing automation solution that enables businesses to drive higher ROI, convert more leads, and generate more sales. And on how you sign in, this article will give you every step of it.

Signing in to your Campaigner account is easy as A, B, C, D and once you can adhere to the instructions here, then you are good to go. There are lots of features/tools you can make use of, on your Campaigner dashboard and they all help in giving you the best when it comes to sales.

Campaigner has that one believe and mission to help marketers do more with email. Every channel of email marketing for the SME, enterprise, transactional senders and small businesses is covered respectively. However, you should be able to access your account to get all this done, and for those who will want to know from scratch about the Campaigner account, we are going to take you through the sign-up steps and every other little detail you need to know.

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Features Of Campaigner

Campaigner provides you with everything you need to execute advanced email marketings at scale, and below are some of the interesting features of the platform.

  1. Workflows
  2. Autoresponders
  3. Recurring Campaigns
  4. Triggered Campaigns
  5. Segmentation
  6. Dynamic Content
  7. Content Blocks (Articles)
  8. Localization
  9. Geolocation
  10. Conditional Content
  11. Subject Line Testing
  12. AB Testing
  13. From Name Testing
  14. Content Testing
  15. Delivery Time Testing
  16. Shopify (Native Integration)
  17. Magneto (Native Integration)
  18. Purchase Behaviour
  19. Big Commerce & WooCommerce
  20. Drag & Drop Editor
  21. Template Management
  22. Responsive Design
  23. Media Library
  24. Full Email Editor
  25. Image Editor
  26. Conversion Tracking
  27. Experiment Reports
  28. Contact Reports
  29. Email Campaign Reports
  30. Workflow Reports
  31. Geolocation Reports
  32. Autoresponder Reports
  33. Facebook Audience Builder
  34. Social Sharing
  35. Compliance Monitoring
  36. Deliverability Consulting
  37. Unsubscribe Management
  38. Feedback Loop
  39. Authentication
  40. Dedicated IPS
  41. Sign Up Forms
  42. Landing Pages
  43.  Subscription Management
  44. Suppression Lists
  45. Exclusion Lists
  46. Computed Fields
  47. Categories
  48. Custom Fields
  49. API Elements
  50. SMTP Relay
  51. White Labeling
  52. Startups
  53. Reseller Admin Portal Non-profits

You can visit the feature page at to see more and also download the comprehensive feature guide.

With the aforementioned features, businesses find more reliable, stable and secure.

Campaigner Plan & Pricing

Campaigner gives you the right plan for your business with a transparent, affordable, and flexible pricing. Though you can get started for free with a full feature trial. Its plans start at $19.95 after the first free month.

  • Starter Plan: starting from $40.95/month
  • Essential Plan: starting from $119.95/month
  • Advanced Plan: starting from $449.95/month
  • eCommerce Plan: starting from $65.95/month

You can find the pricing at

Campaigner Free Trial Account Sign Up

Follow the steps below if you have not signed up on Campaigner yet.

  • Go to Campaigner official website at and click on “Sign Up” at the top right side of the page.
  • Enter your first name, last name, and your valid email address.
  • Provide your phone number and enter the name of your company.
  • Select your country and select the number of email contacts.
  • Then check (√) the agreement box and click on Continue to complete your free trial sign up

Have it in mind that it is a 30-day free trial. So paid plans start after 30 days.

Campaigner Login ( Sign In)

Remember this is the main aim of this article, which is to show you the simple steps in signing in to your Campaigner account. So follow the steps given below to sign in successfully.

  • Visit the official website at and click on Login at the top right side of the page.
  • On the next page, enter your registered email address or username and enter your password
  • Then click on “Sign In”
  • If you can’t remember your password, simply click on the “forgot your password” link and follow prompts to reset it with ease.Steps To Campaigner Login For Email Marketing Automation

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Campaigner is easy to utilize, and it is an amazing email marketing and automation for the present and growing businesses. taking the steps given below is just a welcome to the platform as there are many tools that you will be able to access and make use of.

How To Talk To Campaigner Expert

To talk to an expert on Campaigner, simply call 1-866-358-6355.

For further questions on the Campaigner Login for email marketing automation, feel free to reach us with it by using the comment box below.

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