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Steps to Logout Whatsapp on Desktop – Whatsapp Web Sign Out

miracle 2 min read No Comments

Steps to Logout Whatsapp on Desktop – Whatsapp Web Sign Out

Miracle 2 min read No Comments

Do you feel Someone has access to your Whatsapp Account and you need to logout? Here is the Basic Guide to Take if you want to Logout Whatsapp on Desktop. If you believe someone has scanned your QR code and has access to your account via WhatsApp Web, Then read on to see the steps to Logout.

Your Whatsapp Account is meant to contain your Private Chats and So, Whenever you Chat Using a Public PC or That Desktop in your Office, Deem it fit to Logout in other to protect your chat Information.

The steps that will be given in this article will guide you to log out all your active web sessions in WhatsApp through your mobile phone.

Where ever the Desktop/PC that you might have used to login Whatsapp is, You can Logout Just with your Phone as long as whatsapp is installed in it.

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Steps to Logout Whatsapp on Desktop – Whatsapp Web Sign Out

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone
  2. Go to Settings or Menu.
  3. Tap on WhatsApp Web.
  4. Then Tap “Logout from all computers”

It’s as easy as that.

Other methods to Logout from Whatsapp Web

You can also logout from WhatsApp Web from the PC on which your are using for WhatsApp. See the steps below;

(i) In WhatsApp Web on your computer, you will see a menu button (three vertical dots) at the top of WhatsApp Web beside New Chat. (ii) Click on it then click on Log out option. That will logout from WhatsApp on that computer.

Again, you can just delete the browsing history of your browser on which you are using WhatsApp, it will log you out automatically.

With the Simple guide above, you have successfully Secured your Whatsapp Account by Logging Out.

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NOTE: Using the Whatsapp on your Phone to logout is more Preferable as it will log you out of All Web platform you are Logged in anywhere.

Share this steps to logout whatsapp on Desktop on your Social Media Account So that others can still know about. And feel free to use the COMMENT Box Below for any Question on Whatsapp Web Sign out.


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