Steps To PayAttitude Registration For Bill Payments, Fund Transfer & More

Do you have different Bank Accounts and you want to Link them together in order to make remote/distance Transactions? Then Here are the Steps to PayAttitude Registration For Bill Payments, Fund Transfer, Airtime Purchase and more from one Platform.  PayAttitude is a platform that has been set up to deliver the next generation of innovative and inclusive payment solutions.

PayAttitude is a new payment remote control that you can Link All your Bank Accounts, Send Payment Request, Receive Payment Request, Secure All your Transactions and more when you Sign Up on the platform.

The Sign Up process is Simple and FREE. All you need to do is to follow the basic steps given in this article. PayAttitude provides a lot of benefits to its users in Nigeria.

Benefits Of Using PayAttitude

You will Love this PayAttitude App for the following:

  • Bill Payments
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Risk Management Standards
  • Agency Banking
  • Fund Transfer
  • Quick Account Statements
  • Withdraw and make Payments Securely With 3rd party
  • Your phone as POS Device
  • Link Account from Different Banks and more

PayAttitude App Mobile Download

Before you can Sign up on PayAttitude, You must first Download the App on your Mobile Device. It can be downloaded from your Google Play Store or App Store.

Simply Visit your Mobile Store to Download Or Go to and Click on your Store Type on the page, follow prompts to download.

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Steps To PayAttitude Registration

Follow the Steps below to sign up for Free on PayAttitude:

  • Open the downloaded App
  • Select “New User” and enter the required details to complete the Signup Process

How To Register After Getting PayAttitude Pre-registration SMS

  1. Simply Download the app from SMS link sent your phone and install
  2. Select new user
  3. Select “I have been preregistered”
  4. Depending on which institution you have been pre-registered with select either “bank, mobile money and other accounts” or “wallet/prepaid”
  5. Then Accept terms and conditions to Sign Up

PayAttitude Login

You can also Login with the way you Created an Account i.e Using the App.

  • Simply open the App
  • Enter your Mobile Number, Username and your password
  • Click on Login

How To Link More Accounts From Your Banks

  1. Simply Log into the app
  2. Select ‘My Accounts‘ from the options
  3. Select link more accounts
  4. Then Select bank to be linked, enter your account number and follow Prompts

USSD Code For Creating PayAttitude Account

You can Dial *569# to create or Link your account.

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