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Strategies to Bid and Win Nigeria Customs Property Auctions Online

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Strategies to Bid and Win Nigeria Customs Property Auctions Online

Miracle 3 min read No Comments

When you think of Strategies to Bid and Win Nigeria Customs Property in the On-going Online Auctions, there are Basic things you need to bear in Mind. But before you can participate at all for the Bidding, You Should first of All Consider Creating An account with the Nigeria Customs – See Nigeria Customs Registration process. Only after then that you can have access to Bidding in the Website.

Nigeria Customs Online Bidding is Very Easy if you have the needed requirements, as we all Know what the Nigeria Custom is all about – Having Various Kind of Properties You Can Bid for; Including CARS. This Might be an Opportunity for you to own a car.

Please Have in Mind that the Basic{MAJOR} Requirements are – 1. A valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) issued by FIRS 2. A valid Email Address

So what do you do? We got some Strategies here for you to Bid, and as sure as we are – If you follow this strategies Coupled with your Own little point, You can be the Lucky Winner of any Property you are bidding for.


The auction application will be accessible online through the Nigeria Customs Service Trade Portal website at

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Strategies to Bid and Win Nigeria Customs Property Auctions Online

Here are the strategies we have for you to Bid and Win.

  • Always be online

This is the master and top most of it all – ONLINE. It is the only way you can keep up with what is happening, so for you to win that particular property you want, you must constantly keep up with what’s going on online i.e the Nigeria Customs Website.

For you to always keep up online, make sure of the following:

  1. An access to a PC or Browsing Mobile
  2. A good and strong internet Connection.

With the aforementioned, you can be giving your bidding a sure beginning.

  • Always win the top Man

Yes !  You read right. You need that property, then you must be on top of your game. When you bid and sees that someone else wants to bid higher, and you desperately need that property. What then will you do ?  You must strive to win that person on top.

That top man can be the only obstacle you have, so you should knock him off by bidding higher than him.

With this strategies and the ones running through your mind right now. Then you are a good bidder who is going to win real big.

Procedures to Bid and Win a Car Or other Properties From Nigeria Customs e-Auctions Portal

  • Visit the e-auction trade portal via https//
  • Create an Account with the website and an e-wallet will be automatically created for you. To Create an Account Click Here
  • Select any of the banks listed on the website and fund your e-wallet. The funds on your e-wallet will be used for bidding, as an administrative fee of N1,000 is required per bid which will be deducted from the e-wallet.
  • Carefully go through the items available for bidding before placing a bid.
  • If you win, then make sure to pay for the item and other sundry fees within 5 days at any designated bank.
  • Then go and claim your goods from the customs area command location where the won item is located.

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Please feel free to Share this page link on your social media accounts so that others can also know about it, and also use the COMMENT BOX below for any question or Recommendation on Strategies to Bid and Win Nigeria Customs Property Auctions Online and We will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks


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