Sport Radio 88.9 Brela FM: A Man Committed Sussed Because of Sallah Celebration

Sussed Because of Sallah CelebrationAs we all know that the day of sallah is the day of celebration and every one always like to experience it simply because of the love, experience and the passion that comes with it. But yesterday a man committed sussed because of sallah celebration

A man committed sussed because of sallah celebration

According to Sport Radio 88.9 Brela FM in popular side yesterday night that “a man committed sussed because of sallah celebration“, Why? is simply because he is well know as the only man that celebrate sallah in a big way like killing of RAMS and more with his neighborhood but fortunately he cloud not make it same way like he use to do, that is killing all different type of animals. According to Sports Radio 88.9 Brila FM Onitsha .

The man that committed sussed because of sallah celebration have a Wife and his child is sick. and now the wife is now left we nothing but pain and unforgettable sallah celebration

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