The Goodness Of God With Bible Verse – Dailies Room Sunday Wisdom Message

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Sunday Wisdom Message Topic: Goodness Of God

Bible Verse: Romans 10 v 9-10, Isaiah 54, John 10v10, Hebrew 2 v 14, Ephesians 1 v 11, Colossians  1 v12, Matthew 7 v 7-8, Hebrew 9 v 12-17, Ephesians  1 v 3, Acts 26 v 16.

Talking about the Goodness Of God, less first talk about Salvation. The meaning of Salvation in Greek word Soteria, and this salvation come  with other different packages or things; like Life, Goodness, finance Love, Devin protection,  Faithfulness etc. So in other world no good comes from the devil, and every thing good come from God. (John 10 v 10) so in other words we can say that There are other kind of police or security that captured the thief and which is the ANGEL.The Goodness Of God With Bible Verse - Dailies Room Sunday Wisdom Message

SO the people of God, our inheritance in Christ is all that Jesus needs or wants us to have. ( Colossians  1 v12 )  or the believers inheritance on earth by giving thanks. But come to think of it what is inheritance in Christ?

What is Inheritance in Christ?

Inheritance in Christ is by having this followings like: Power, Wisdom, God kind of Good Life (Psalm 84:11), protection, Provision, Prosperity, Favors, God kinds of Wealth, Sound Health, Peace, Joy, Righteousness, Faithfulness, Ability, Revelation, Anointing, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Gift of the Holy Spirit etc.

Like we all know that inheritance in Christ cometh my relation or hard work towards achievement (Psalm 84:11) ( FAITH) and with Prayer but not 100% of it, ( 2 Corinthian 5 v 7-8, 5 v 17 ) So Inheritance is not taking by 100% prayers or 100% fasting rather by Faith and hard work towards achievement. ( Matthew 7v 7-8) ( Hebrew 9 v 16) Inheritance is being receive by faith through relationship. ( God resurrected so that people can not take what belongs to you that he made for you ).

Things You Need To know About Goodness Of God

Jesus Christ death brings us Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Long Life, Wisdom. and God do really supply all your needs or wants to your. So please note that blessing comes through Faith

Things To Do To Have Goodness Of God

(Acts 26 v18 ) Firstly you need to be baptized  in other to have the holy Ghost 2). When you Receive Jesus the devil will be cast out in your life in other to have God Faith in you. So if you know your inheritance to be any of the believers Inheritance, then you say it with faith and it will come to pass.

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