Top 10 Beautiful and Richest America Female Musician

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And here, all this request will be answer briefly by showing you the Top 10 Beautiful and Richest America Female Musician with their net worth.

List of Beautiful and Richest America Female Musician And Net Worth

1) Madonna — Net Worth: $1.1 billion

Madonna success has spanned over thirty years. Madonna has appeared in numerous movies, often in leading roles. It’s believed that Madonna is worth roughly $1.1 billion – a surprising number for a woman who has only released 12 studio albums during the entirety of her music career.

2) Barbra Streisand — Net Worth: $650 million

Barbra Streisand is one of the richest singers – male or female, in the world. She’s a singer-songwriter, actress, author, producer and director. All of it adds up to quite a lot of money. Despite her extensive philanthropy Streisand’s fortune is an estimated $650 million.

3) Celine Dion — Net Worth: $600 million

Dion is worth in excess of $600 million – most of it earned by her popular music and extensive tours. Celine had a long-running Vegas show, has endorsed numerous products, and owns an artist management company with her husband.

4) Britney Spears — Net Worth: $500 million

Britney Spears is not that old (33) but she’s been cited as an influence for a new generation of singers. Spears is a product of the pop-music machine and her sexuality, music, and good looks have propelled her to fame and fortune. Spears is worth $500 million.

5) Cher — Net Worth: $450 million

Cher rose to prominence in the 1960s and 70s as part of the music duo Sonny and Cher. In addition to the fame, Cher is an activist, particularly active in the gay and transgender community – largely in part because of her son Chaz Bono. She is estimated to be worth $450 million.

6) Ayumi Hamasaki — Net Worth: $400 million

Hamasaki has been dubbed the Empress of J-Pop and she’s worth a lot of money. Like Lady Gaga, Ayumi is constantly modifying and adapting her image. She’s experienced her share of popularity and a subsequent decline in the mid-2000s before soaring in popularity again. Her performances are lavish and a great spectacle. She’s released a steady set of albums since 1999. All told she’s worth roughly $400 million.

7) Beyoncé — Net Worth: $390 million

Beyoncé broke free of her first group Destiny’s Child and become a best-selling solo artist. She’s acted in numerous roles on film and married Jay-Z. In 2013 Beyoncé’s net worth was an estimated $390 million and quickly growing. In addition to being a musician and actress Beyoncé is a political activist, songwriter, spokesperson and fashion designer.

8) Tina Turner — Net Worth: $350 million

Tina Turner has an estimated worth of $350 million, and if sales of her compilation albums are any indication she remains as popular as ever. Most of her wealth comes from music, but she’s also a best-selling author and has appeared in a movie as an actress. She’s called the Queen of Rock and Roll for good reason.

9) Mariah Carey — Net Worth: $250 million

Mariah Carey performances were rather bland (or just downright bad) she did earn national acclaim for her role in the movie Precious. To date Mariah is worth roughly $250 million. She remains as popular today as she was when she first came onto the music scene in 1990.

10) Janet Jackson — Net Worth: $160 million

Michael’s little sister has done pretty well for herself. .She’s believed to be worth at least $160 million. Her career has spanned several decades and her popularity has only increased over the years.


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