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Top 20 FIFA World Football Ranking For Men: Belgium, France, Brazil

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Top 20 FIFA World Football Ranking For Men: Belgium, France, Brazil

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FIFA has released the Latest Rankings in the world Football for men, and here is an article on the full list of 2018 FIFA World Football Ranking For men. This is a Ranking System for men’s national teams in association football, and from the list, Nigeria is seen retaining the 44th Position while Belgium is currently leading the table.

The teams are ranked based on their game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest. Belgium and France remain top in the World with 1,727, respectively while Brazil are still third with 1,676 points.

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Portugal took a Move Upward, with a 1614 points. While Uruguay dropped, Having 1609 points. With Much Ado, take a Look at the table:

Top 20 FIFA World Football Ranking For Men

The Ranking is as of 29th of November, 2018. See the List of Top 20 Below

5 England1631
6Moved Upward by 1Portugal1614
7Move Downward by 1Uruguay1609
11Moved Upward by 1Argentina1582
12Moved Upward by 1Colombia1575
14Moved Upward by 3Sweden1560
15Moved Upward by 1Netherlands1560
16Move Downward by 2Germany1558
17Move Downward by 1 Mexico1540
18Moved Upward by 1 Italy1539
19Move Downward by 1Wales1525
20Moved Upward by 1Poland1518
20 Peru1518

Africa Top 5 In Latest FIFA Rankings:

In Africa FIFA Rankings, Senegal are now top in Africa with 1,505 points and 23rd position in the world, Tunisia dropped to 2nd in Africa and 26th in the World. Nigeria is Seen Occupying the 4th position, while in the World Ranking, Nigeria is on the 44th Position with 1,427 points.

1. Senegal

2. Tunisia

3. Morroco

4. Nigeria

5. Congo

What is your take on this Top 20 FIFA World Football Ranking For Men? Let us hear your thought via the COMMENT BOX Below. Also share this article on your Social Media Account so that others can know about it.


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