In athletes, many would want to know if there is really money, and those that are incredibly making the money. Well what do you think? Indeed, it pays when you have passion for something. And in athletes, Forbes has released the list of top 20 Highly Paid World Athletes in the world. The list was calculated putting all salaries and bonuses earned between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017.

Among the highly paid, We are going to give the top 20 list of the athletes according to forbes. and sitting in the top of it all is Real Madrid’s Cristaino Ronaldo whom his side won the Champions League title after beating juventus in the final.

The 20 Highly Paid World Athletes’ list involves all the activities ranging from soccer, basketball, auto racing, Golf and lots more.

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Tops 20 Highly Paid World Athletes in 2017 according to Forbes

Below are the List of the Highest Paid Athletes 2017 according to Forbes.

1Cristiano Ronaldo$93 M$58 M$35 MSoccer
2LeBron James$86.2 M$31.2 M$55 MBasketball
3Lionel Messi$80 M$53 M$27 MSoccer
4Roger Federer$64 M$6 M$58 MTennis
5Kevin Durant$60.6 M$26.6 M$34 MBasketball
6Andrew Luck$50 M$47 M$3 MFootball
6Rory McIlroy$50 M$16 M$34 MGolf
8Stephen Curry$47.3 M$12.3 M$35 MBasketball
9James Harden$46.6 M$26.6 M$20 MBasketball
10Lewis Hamilton$46 M$38 M$8 MAuto Racing
11Drew Brees$45.3 M$31.3 M$14 MFootball
12Phil Mickelson$43.5 M$3.5 M$40 MGolf
13Russell Westbrook$38.6 M$26.6 M$12 MBasketball
14Sebastian Vettel$38.5 M$38 M$500 KAuto Racing
15Damian Lillard$38.4 M$24.4 M$14 MBasketball
16Novak Djokovic$37.6 M$9.6 M$28 MTennis
17Tiger Woods$37.1 M$107 K$37 MGolf
18Neymar$37 M$15 M$22 MSoccer
19Dwyane Wade$36.2 M$23.2 M$13 MBasketball
20Fernando Alonso$36 M$34 M$2 MAuto racing

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