You might be Wondering how secured your Android device is, with the rate of downloads you do, the Pictures you take, and media your Collect via Bluetooth or Xender from friends you don’t even know if their device is Secured. Which ever way it is, In this article, We have analyzed the top 5 Best Android Security tips to help your Protect your Device from Virus, Malwares and the likes of them.

Even the Protection of Your Android Device from hackers is something you have to employ. Most at times, many People feels that Android devices are too Vulnerable to Viruses and malwares, Forgetting that there are measures to take as the users to help protect the Device.

This measures you take are Minimum and doesn’t cost anything, Besides you have to do it if you really Value your Android Device.

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Top 5 Best Android Security Tips | Secure your Android Device

Below are the Top 5 best Tips to Secure your Android Device;

  • Screen Lock

We are starting with the Screen Locking because it is the Simplest to Carry out, Locking your Screen can Prevent third Party {Hackers} From gaining access into your Phone. Your Can lock your Screen by Simply Setting a Pattern, PIN or Password lock Method on your Device. Though Locking your Phone Screen can be very Complicating, especially when you will want to input your Password or PIN each time you want to use it. But the truth is, Screen Lock Contributes to the security of you Android device.

  • Remember to Turn-off Bluetooth

Most of us always forget to turn off our Bluetooth device after Sharing files. It is very necessary you turn-off your Bluetooth so as to avoid Virus being sent to your Android Mobile, Do not turn on your Bluetooth unless you want to use it, and after use, remember to turn it off.

  • Install Trusted Applications

Do not download Apps outside Google Play Store, and when you download from the Play Store, make sure the App you are downloading is a trusted one. If you trust the apps and you know the name, then you can go to play store to Search for them directly. Checkout How to Search, Browse and Download apps from Google Play Store

  • Install An Antivirus Software

Installing an Antivirus Software will prevent the virus you can not see from affecting your Device. It also Prevent Data Theft and Malwares, We’ve got some of the well trusted Antivirus Software you can download and install on your Android Device to keep you device Secured, Check here ⇒ Best Antivirus Software for your Device; free Download

  • Avoid Visiting Links

Most links are dead end for your Android device, Though not all. Most at times you will be sent an SMS, with a link for you to Click or An Email, What suits those can of messages with Links is to delete them immediately. You do this for the Protection of Your Android Device.

The aforementioned tips can guarantee your Android Device Security, all You need to do is to Apply them very Well, Hope these tips were Helpful?

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