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Top 5 World’s Highest-Paid Radio Hosts Of 2018

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Top 5 World’s Highest-Paid Radio Hosts Of 2018

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We resently show you some list like Top 20 World’s Highest-Paid Musicians List of 2018Top 10 World’s Most Powerful Women List By FORBES and here we are again with the Top 5 World’s Highest-Paid Radio Hosts Of 2018

Like we all know that is a US Business Magazine that most caculate top persenal Net Worth. And this List of Top 5 World’s Highest-Paid Radio Hosts Of 2018 is really a must see if you love entertainment.

Top 5 World’s Highest-Paid Radio Hosts Of 2018

Howard Stern1. Howard Stern – Earnings: $90 million

The shock jock is on the third year of his eight-figure contract with SiriusXM. Devoted listeners can now watch Stern on the satellite radio’s new video service, which features highlights from Stern’s 30-year-plus video library.

Rush Limbaugh2. Rush Limbaugh – Earnings: $84.5 million

America’s most-listened-to radio host reaches a monthly audience of 25 million on more than 650 stations. In the fourth decade of his career, Limbaugh released his first mobile app in January, giving a subscription boost to his digital platform Rush 24/7.

Ryan Seacrest3. Ryan Seacrest – Earnings: $74 million

Just as soon as soon as his American Idol’s hosting gig wrapped up, it was back again—and so was Seacrest’s eight-figure check. The gig is one of many for the host and producer, who is busier than ever despite an accusation of sexual misconduct surfacing earlier this year. (Seacrest denied the claims; an investigation found insufficient evidence to support the allegations, which came from a former stylist.)

Sean Hannity4. Sean Hannity – Earnings: $36 million

The controversial Fox news star has made headlines for advertiser boycotts, being Michael Cohen’s Client No. 3 and reported having evening phone calls with President Donald Trump, but the King of Cable still reigns supreme. The most-watched cable news host scored 5.9 million viewers with his exclusive interview with the Commander-in-Chief after the historic Singapore summit.

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Glenn Beck5. Glenn Beck – Earnings: $8.5 million

Beck is still one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in America, with an estimated 10.5 million listeners, but his “Never Trump” stance has harmed his bottom line. Most of his money comes from his seven-figure radio contract with Premiere while he pads his paycheck with book earnings and low returns from his struggling media company, TheBlaze.

So this are the World’s Highest-Paid Radio Hosts Of 2018 Top 5 List just in case you also want to know more, then you can check out this LINK HERE

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