Top Celebrities Who Sacked Their Family as Managers

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Most of this listed top Celebrities who sacked their Family as Managers before employed MOSTLY there mommy has their personal manager, just few of them used their Daddy.

On this page we have covered from US and Nigeria the Top Celebrities Who Sacked Their Family as Managers and yet they did very well after firing their Family-managers.

Another remarkable thing is that non of this celebrities regretted  their actions.


Top Celebrities Who Sacked Their Family as Managers

  • Usher

Usher has had a very interesting relationship with his mom when it comes to management. He fired his mother in 2007 after he married Tameka Foster, then rehired her in 2008 when his marriage went under, and then fired her once again in 2009 after he started dating Grace Miguel.

  • Selena Gomez

After Selena Gomez turned 23 in 2016, she officially shook off her Disney Darling tag, and in that process fired her mother and stepfather who were her managers at the time. She wanted to take her career in a different direction, and mom and dad were not the way forward… especially after they disagreed with her on/off dating of Justin Beiber.

  • Michael Jackson

When Michael was alive he had enough of his dad and he let go of his dad and left his management company way back in 1979. Leaving his Dad ushered in the greatest musical period for MJ from 1981-1989.

  • Beyonce

Beyonce gave her dad Matthew Knowles the axe, shortly after word broke out that he was cheating on her mom in 2013. Though she said it had nothing to do with it, you gotta figure it played a part. She went to say that they had disagreements with management style, but it was not personal, and she just wanted to be an adult out of Dad’s wing.

  • Burna Boy

On the Nigerian side of things, Burna Boy made big headlines after he let go of his Mother’s managerial services in 2014. He explained however that there were no hard feelings at all, and that he just wanted his mother to be his mother. These days she seems to be back around on his team but it’s not clear to what extent.

  • Lean Rimes

In 2000, Leann Rimes shocked the world when she announced that she was not only firing her father, Wilbur Rimes, but suing him. The law suit came about after she discovered that he had stolen a whopping $7 million from her over the previous 5 years.

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